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Community Engagement Sessions

As we move into the next phase of our community engagement program, Bloomingdale School District 13 is hosting several public meetings to gather opinions from the community as we collaborate on a plan for the future of our schools.
We hope you will attend at least one of the following sessions:
  • 7 pm Thursday, Feb. 22 at Westfield Middle School, 149 Fairfield Way.
  • 10 am Saturday, Feb. 24 at Erickson Elementary School, 277 Springfield Drive.
  • 7 pm Tuesday, Feb 27 at DuJardin Elementary School, 166 Euclid Avenue.
  • 7 pm Thursday, Feb. 29 – virtual Zoom meeting. Please click HERE to register.
During the meetings, we will share information about our school district, the many successes our students have achieved, and the challenges we face complying with the state’s mandate for full-day kindergarten and giving our students the 21 st century learning environments they deserve.
Based on the community’s responses during our first phase of community engagement, we have compiled a “menu” of potential individual projects, potential funding mechanisms, and potential funding levels, and we want to get your opinions on each of them. Your responses to the feedback forms at the end of these meetings will help determine our path forward.
We hope to see you at our upcoming community engagement sessions!