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About District 13

A member of the Illinois Association of School Boards, Bloomingdale School District 13 has been serving the community since 1891. Approximately 1,400 students attend the district's three schools: DuJardin Elementary grades K-5, Erickson Elementary grades PreK-5, and Westfield Middle School grades 6-8. With more than 140 teachers and instructional aides, District 13 ranks as one of the top area school districts with a high percentage of adults per child. The District's fine arts, accelerated student and special education inclusion programs are highly regarded throughout the DuPage County community. District 13 works with both private industry and community governmental groups to share ideas, resources and research - actively participating in the Bloomingdale Intergovernmental Group, the Chamber of Commerce and the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition.

District 13 is located in DuPage County, approximately 15 miles west of Chicago. Students residing in Bloomingdale, Roselle, Medinah and Addison attend the district's schools. District 13 students graduate to Lake Park High School in nearby Roselle.


District 13 provides students with the traditional academic curriculum of mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, music, art, physical education, and Spanish at the middle school level. Students are also offered special services such as counseling, health care, special education and accelerated programs. In addition to a highly dedicated staff, the district is assisted by a team of dedicated volunteers, serving the schools as members of the parent-teacher organizations.



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Illinois Association of School Boards
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