Mikayla has been doing an outstanding job in class. She truly has pushed herself to step out of her comfort zone, and by doing so she has been able to see her full potential as a student and young adult. Mikayla is someone that comes to school each day with a smile and leaves with that same smile on her face. She is always asking for ways to improve her work, listens to feedback she is provided with, and applies it to each assignment and project she does. She is a leader in the classroom and is always setting a good example for her peers. Mikayla is someone that works extremely well with others, is respectful, responsible and caring. She never gives up on anything, even when she faces an obstacle. Each morning and afternoon, Mikayla helps clean the classroom and puts all of our chairs at both tables away. She is such a big help to her teachers and peers! Mikayla has made excellent progress throughout the year so far, and continues to do so with each topic covered in her classes. We are very proud of Mikayla for all of her hard work and dedication to go above and beyond this year, and am extremely lucky to have such a wonderful student in fifth grade!