Gabriella is committed to excellence in all she does.  She is hard working, positive, and helpful to all.  She leads by example, and conducts herself in a responsible manner.  Gabby is an active member of the classroom and is ambitious and supportive of her peers.  Already as a 6th grader, Gabby has been very active in the school community as a member of Student Council, Band and as an actor in the fall play. This year, Gabby joined Concert Band, learning a second instrument.  Despite the extra work Gabby is always prepared for her lessons and happy to be in class.  As an actor in the fall play, Gabby was enthusiastic, positive and flexible.  She was able to think on her feet, encouraged her fellow actors and took on additional responsibilities backstage. Gabby’s ambition, work ethic and leadership make her an excellent example of what it means to be a WARRIOR.