Mateo is an exceptional leader at DuJardin Elementary School. Mateo follows the 6 Pillars of Character on a regular basis. He encourages his classmates and peers to display the six pillars of character as well. Mateo comes to school with a smile on his face and an eagerness to learn. Mateo takes pride in all his work inside the class and during all specials. Whether he was at home working online (during COVID) or at school, he always gave his best effort. He is an amazing friend to others, and is always there to help someone in need. He is an incredibly talented artist, and his creativity even inspires Mrs. Bevente. Mateo is a great friend to all his peers no matter the time of day. Mateo sets high expectations for himself day in and day out that he can achieve with a smile on his face. Everyone absolutely loves having Mateo as a student! Keep up the great work Mateo, and don't forget to #LEADLIKEAJAGUAR!