Ari Patel is a 5th grade student at Erickson Elementary and shows the pillars of Character Counts as well as our school wide SOAR expectations on a daily basis.
Ari is always looking at the bright side of every situation and begins and ends his school day with a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom, at recess, throughout each of his fine arts classes, and during conversations with teachers and peers.
Ari is thoughtful, courteous and always shows good manners.  He will go out of his way to help a friend, teacher, principal, or student in his bus line.  He checks in with teachers to see how they are doing and how he can help.  He is always smiling and very kind to everyone.
Ari also takes learning seriously and has a strong work ethic, perseveres through challenging tasks, and is an academically responsible student.  Ari is a role model for all students and Erickson is so proud of his character and academic success.
For his courteousness, the respect he shows to all around him and his strong work ethic in the classroom, the Board of Education is honored to award Ari Patel the Above and Beyond award for April.