Andrea is a seventh grade student at Westfield. She displays the traits of a WARRIOR every day. Andrea is welcoming to her peers and exhibits ambition, not only in the classroom, but in all of her endeavors. She is always willing to help those around her when needed and is consistently respectful to her classmates and teachers.


Andrea takes responsibility for her academics and also enjoys leading projects and club activities. She is a conscientious student who works well with all of her peers. She participates in class discussions in addition to answering questions posed by her teachers. She is diligent in completing all assignments with great attention to detail. 

Andrea is actively involved in Interact Club where she brings creativity and dedication to serving others. Recently, Andrea proposed the idea that the middle school Interact Club members visit the elementary kindergarten students to read with them. This collaboration between the middle school and elementary students was a great success! Interact Club members even had the chance to work with the elementary students on math facts and vocabulary skills. 

Andrea‚Äôs consistent positivity, optimism, leader by example, and successful attitude are what makes her an excellent example of what it means to be a WARRIOR. 


As a responsible student, a trusted peer, and a leader with a focus to serve and help others, the Board of Education is pleased to recognize Andrea Zhelyazkov as the Above and Beyond Award winner for Westfield Middle School in March.