Madison may only be in the first grade, but she has demonstrated qualities that make her a role model to every student at Erickson, from the smallest preschooler to the tallest 5th grader.

Madison is kind. She cares deeply for her classmates and teachers and is always looking for ways that she can show others that they are important.

She is responsible. Madison knows what needs to be done and she gets it done with a smile. She even helps her teachers stay on top of things!

She is a leader. Madison has a voice and a demeanor that others listen to. She has the best intentions in every situation and encourages her peers to do what is right.

Madison is inclusive. She recognizes the strengths and struggles that others experience and she is always there to lend a helping hand, a smile, and words of encouragement.

She is positive. Madison radiates positivity. She comes to school with go-getter energy. She participates enthusiastically in her learning and helps create a classroom that is fun and upbeat.

For her kindness, sense of responsibility, positivity and leadership, the Board of Education is proud to award Madison Danek the Above and Beyond award for February.