October 2022 Above and Beyond Recipients

  • Diya, Hannah and Zahra, 5th grade students at Erickson, are excellent examples of what it means to be an Erickson Eagle and show the six pillars of character, especially caring and citizenship. 
  • During the month of September, Erickson "Goes Gold" in support of Cal's Angels and our own Erickson hero, Michael A. Carr during the MAC Walk.  These three girls wanted to do more. 
  • They created their own business called Lucky Looms and developed a proposal to sell bracelets at the MAC Walk event and then donate all proceeds to Cal's Angels.  They developed a flyer for the Express, hung posters around the school, and then together created a variety of bracelets to sell at the event.  They earned $246.00 at the event and donated it all to Cal's Angels.  This is an excellent example of what it means to do something for others. 
  • Thank you to Diya, Hannah and Zahra for SOARING like eagles and being great role models.