June 2022 Staff Exemplar

  • Mrs. Thime was hired by the District in January of 2020.
  • Mrs. Thime is positive, helpful, outgoing, cares about others and always goes above and beyond to support the needs of staff, students and families in District 13.
  • Coming onboard right before the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, Mrs. Thime did not have much time to build relationships and meet staff, but that is just what she did. She then was able to shift gears in a remote setting and continue to support the needs of the department and the district through a tumultuous time with a smile on her face and a helpful heart.
  • She has been a rock for the District Office, helping out anyway she can and assisting Mrs. Gabany through her transition to the Director of Teaching and Learning.
  • Mrs. Gabany said “Gia is a bright spot, always good for a laugh, highly organized while also a calm presence when working through any problems that present themselves. She will be very missed as she moves onto a new job, but we wish her all the best making this transition that is ideally suited for her family. Every time we have chocolate donuts, I will think of her.”
  • Thank you for a job incredibly well done and adding joy to the office, thank you for being an exemplary model of our core values and a member of the D13 family.