May 2022 Student Exemplar

  • This past year, Yazlin has been a fantastic friend to one of our new Jaguar students. When Yazlin noticed the new student was often by herself at recess, Yazlin invited the student to play and always checked in with her during break times. Besides being a great friend, Yazlin is a hardworking student who always tries her best. When something is unclear, Yazlin asks for help and keeps working until she has mastered the skill! 
  • Yazlin demonstrates leadership and care beyond the classroom setting. The special teachers describe Yazlin as incredibly kind and caring towards classmates.
  • According to the PE teacher Mrs. Klassman, “Yazlin does her best to make everyone feel included and important. Yazlin is such a positive role model for her classmates!”
  • The music teacher, Mrs. Krzysiak shared, “Yazlin is helpful, courteous and a friendly young lady to everyone at DuJardin”.
  • Yazlin’s first grade teacher, Ms. Dispensa shared that Yazlin was a perfect example of a Jaguar. She was so dedicated to learning and helping those around her. Yazlin continually persevered no matter what and contributed to creating a positive learning environment .
  • According to the fourth grade teachers, “Yazlin is someone that we can count on to work well with others and be a leader in small groups. Yazlin ensures that everyone is included, feels heard, and is valued.”