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Did You Know?

Did you know….

that Bloomingdale School District 13 makes safety of students and staff it’s highest priority?  In order for a child to be ready to learn, research clearly indicates that outside of fulfilling basic needs (food, water, sleep), the child must feel safe in the learning environment.  Over the years, the following projects or procedural changes have occurred to enhance safety for everyone in District 13:

?     Reconstruction of the vestibule space at Erickson Elementary;

?     Purchase of the Raptor screening program, which checks all visitors against the Illinois State Police   database of sexual offenders;

?     Employees and visitors wearing visible ID Badges to ensure that all adults are safe;

?     Keyless entry system to limit access to the buildings at all hours;

?     Extensive criminal background checks completed on all employees that encompass both the Illinois   State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigations databases;

?     Annually review the District Safety Plan in full cooperation and collaboration with the Bloomingdale   Police and Fire Departments;

?     Annual Fire and Safety Inspections through the Regional Office of Education to ensure continued   compliance with existing building and safety codes;

?     Bus route tracking software to determine the location of busses bringing children to and from school;

?     Implementation of filtering software and firewall systems to ensure online threats are kept away;

?     Teaching and modeling the tenets of digital citizenship to keep students safe online;

?     Safety drills conducted multiple times per year, exceeding the State’s requirements for public school   districts;

These examples are several ways District 13 demonstrates its commitment to a safe environment for all children and adults.

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