Board Meeting Video and Reopening Plans

The July 27 Board of Education Meeting video, the Return to Learn Adaptive Plan and Guidelines can be found on our website under Board of Education.


Curriculum Department

Our K–8 curriculum offers each student a strong foundation in reading, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. We also provide music, art and physical education in all grades, with drama, communications, and Spanish at the middle school level.

A reading support program expands the abilities of students by reinforcing their strengths while remediating weaknesses. Staffed by district reading specialists, this federally-funded program is offered to students identified through test scores and classroom reading performance. These students work in small groups during 30-minute sessions several times each week.

Parents or guardians of any student may inspect instructional materials used in our schools. Those materials include textbooks, teachers’ manuals, and other print and electronic resources. Please call the principal’s office for an appointment if you wish to view any of these materials.
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