Monday, December 16, 2013
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President Terry McKeown called the regular meeting of the Board of Education in Bloomingdale Elementary School District 13 to order on Monday, December 16, 2013 in the district office, 164 S. Euclid Ave., at 7:03 p.m.

Roll Call
Present: Mrs. Diane Birkley, Mrs. Fina Klco, Mrs. Susan Lancaster, Mr. Cary Moreth, Ms. Tamara Peterson, Mrs. Linda Wojcicki, Mr. Terry McKeown

Absent: Nonei

Others Present: Dr. Jon Bartelt, Dr. Evonne Waugh, Nanci Greene, Laura Dulian, Deyana Matt, Jodi Gaffey, Adam Parisi, Lynn Strevell, Megan Jensen, Norm Van Maldegiam, Genevieve Nuzzi, Pat Roman, Phyllis DeNoma, Wally DeNoma, Bob Hettlinger, Vicki Hettlinger, Megan Colwell, Jerry Thorkildsen, Sandy Thorkildsen, Sue Bruneau, Kathy Ogden

Hearing on Tentative Tax Levy
A motion was made by Mrs. Wojcicki and seconded by Mrs. Klco to open the public hearing to receive citizen comments regarding the proposed 2013 tax levy.  Voice Vote:  all ayes

As no one from the audience wished to speak, a motion was made by Mr. Moreth and seconded by Mrs. Birkley to close the tax levy hearing.  Voice Vote:  all ayes

Consent Agenda
A motion was made by Ms Peterson and seconded by Mr. Moreth to approve the items in the Consent Agenda which included the Regular Minutes and Closed Session Minutes from 11-25-13; the Approval of Bills in the Education Fund in the amount of $67,189.29, the Operations and Maintenance Fund in the amount of $24,742.54, the Transportation Fund in the amount of $63,073.68, Payroll (11-22-13) in the amount of $410,543.22 and (12-10-13) in the amount of $411,043.46 as shown in F.D. 12/16/13-1; the Employment of Nancy Green as a substitute assistant principal for Erickson & DuJardin effective early February for a salary of $303.95/day, Carrie Hammer as a special ed parapro at Westfield effective 12-16-13 for a salary of $11.68/hr.; a Sick Leave request for Janice Konchar as secretary at Erickson effective 4-10-14 through 4-28-14; a Change of Position for Nancy Young from a full-time special ed parapro in EC to a half-time regular ed parapro and half-time special ed parapro effective 12-2-13, Michelle Greenberg from a half-time regular ed parapro and half-time special ed parapro to a full-time special ed parapro in EC effective 12-2-13.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Peterson, Moreth, Birkley, Klco, Lancaster, Wojcicki, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

Superintendent’s Report
Nanci Greene, the District’s technology coordinator, led board members in a group book study discussion on Curriculum 21.  Mrs. Greene’s incorporation of Chapters 7, 11, and 21 in her facilitation was very well received by the Board.  Her demonstration of (in which board members actively participated), was an exercise demonstrating technology as a valuable classroom tool.  Mrs. Greene’s discussion and video offerings clearly defined the way technology is transforming the way students are and will be taught in the classroom.   Dr. Evonne Waugh and Samia Hefferan, special education coordinator, will lead the next book study session, covering Chapters 5, 8, and 10.

District administrators provided progress reports on the Strategic Plan initiatives to-date through a joint effort video presentation.  Each goal was addressed individually as to how administrators and teachers are collaborating to implement initiatives and what resources are being utilized in the process.  Character and community communication were highlighted throughout the presentation, as well student achievement and growth, technology plans, and professional development

Dr. Waugh shared information on steps taken to-date by the Math Committee as the District moves forward with a new math textbook adoption to be aligned with the Common Core. 

Committee members sought input from colleagues through a survey asking what they would like to have in a math series.  The committee and grade level representatives have narrowed their choices down to three for the elementaries and three for middle school.

Citizen’s Request to Board
Mr. McKeown welcomed audience members, and shared the Board’s procedure for receiving public comments.  A number of residents from the Prairie Avenue area were in attendance to share their views on the sale of a small portion of school district land to Marklund Home.  They expressed their disappointment concerning the sale -  citing traffic and safety concerns.  Dr. Bartelt indicated that he would contact Police Chief Giammarese to see what measures can be taken to help alleviate these concerns.

Board Reports and Requests

Board "Salutes"
The following people received a “salute” from one or more board members and/or the superintendent/assistant superintendent for their contributions to the Bloomingdale School District 13 community:

Resolution for Working Cash Fund Levy R#6 (F.D. 12/16/13-7)
A motion was made by Mrs. Wojcicki and seconded by Ms. Peterson to approve the Resolution for Working Cash Fund Levy and authorize the President and Secretary to sign said document.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Wojcicki, Peterson, Birkley, Klco, Lancaster, Moreth, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

Certificate of Tax Levy (F.D. 12/16/13-8)
A motion was made by Mrs. Birkley and seconded by Mrs. Lancaster to certify Compliance with the Truth in Taxation Act, approve the Certificate of Tax Levy, authorize the Board President and Secretary to sign the necessary documents, and authorize the finance director to deliver these to the County Clerk’s office by the last Tuesday in December.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Birkley, Lancaster, Klco, Moreth, Peterson, Wojcicki, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

Board of Education Meeting Schedule (F.D. 12/18/13-9)
A motion was made by Mr. Moreth and seconded by Mrs. Klco to approve the board meeting dates as shown in F.D. 12/18/13-9.  Voice Vote: all ayes

Board Retreat Planning
The Board Retreat is scheduled for March 10 to be held at the District Office.  A discussion on strategic plan updates will be held.  However, board members were asked to contact Dr. Bartelt with any additional topic suggestions.

Draft of 2014-2015 School Calendar
A draft of next year’s calendar was provided for Board review and discussion.  The calendar was previously reviewed by the District Cabinet and teachers’ union.  Dr. Bartelt is now suggesting moving the start of school back one week (beginning the week of August 18), and moving the early release days from the first Wednesday of the month to the third Wednesday.  Changing the early release days would allow for opportunities to coordinate staff development initiatives with Medinah and Lake Park.  A start date of August 18 would result in Lake Park students attending a week earlier than District 13, but would coincide with the other feeder districts.  Mr. McKeown questioned the reason for Lake Park starting so early. 

At the request of Ms. Peterson, Dr. Bartelt will provide the date for Westfield’s eighth grade graduation.

Topic(s) for Future Agendas
Mrs. Lancaster suggested changing from Board Salutes to a different method of appreciation acknowledgement.

For Information

Closed Session
A closed session was not required.

A motion was made by Ms. Peterson and seconded by Mr. Moreth to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m.  Voice Vote:  all ayes

Terry McKeown, President
Linda Wojcicki, Secretary