Monday, November 26, 2012
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President Terry McKeown called the regular meeting of the Board of Education of Bloomingdale Elementary School District 13 to order on Monday, November 26, 2012 in the district office at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Mrs. Diane Birkley, Mrs. Fina Klco, Mrs. Susan Lancaster, Mr. Cary Moreth, Ms. Tamara Peterson, Mrs. Linda Wojcicki, Mr. Terry McKeown

Absent: None

Others Present: Dr. Jon Bartelt, Laura Dulian, Patti Edwards, Dr. Lea Anne Frost, Heidi Weeks, Lisa Domino, Justine Albig, Adam Parisi, Mike Celer, Ryan Anderson, Robb Cooper, Kathy Ogden

Consent Agenda
A motion was made by Ms. Peterson and seconded by Mrs. Birkley to approve all items in the Consent Agenda which included the Minutes from the Regular and Closed Session meetings held 10-22-12; the Approval of Bills in the Education Fund for $92,211.83, the Operations and Maintenance Fund for $56,342.48, the Transportation Fund for $92,448.41, Payroll (10-25-12) in the amount of $394,604.28 and (11-9-12) in the amount of $398.506.21 as shown in F.D. 11/26/12-1; the Fund Balance Report as shown in F.D. 11/26/12-2; the Balance Sheet as shown in F.D. 11/26/12-3; the Revenue Report as shown in F.D. 11/26/12-4; the Expenditure Report as shown in F.D. 11/26/12-5; the Activity Report as shown in F.D. 11/26/12-6; the Employment of Zenepe Agaj as a special education paraprofessional at Erickson effective 11-1-12 for a salary of $10.36, Angela Margelos as a paraprofessional at DuJardin effective 11-5-12 for a salary of $11.12; the Resignation of Ryan Baird as a summer custodian effective 10-31-12, Katlyn Bednarski as a paraprofessional at Westfield effective 10-26-12, Brandi Murphy as a paraprofessional at DuJardin effective 11-2-12, Kim Templin as a paraprofessional at Erickson effective 11-1-12; a Transfer for Christine Scharf from a special education paraprofessional to a paraprofessional at Erickson effective 11-2-12; Medical Leaves for Nikki Lacy as a paraprofessional at DuJardin from 10-2-12 to 10-17-12 and Mary Ann Wilborn as associate principal at Westfield from 11-5-12 to 11-16-12, and an Addendum to Extra Duty.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Peterson, Birkley, Klco, Lancaster, Moreth, Wojcicki, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

Superintendent’s Report
During the Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Bartelt shared action steps taken to-date towards the 2012-2013 district goals. The due date for principal application submission was extended to accommodate additional applicants.

Dr. Bartelt reviewed activities held at each school in honor of Veterans’ Day. Westfield held an assembly which included poetry readings and performances by the chorus and band. Also, on display for the entire week was a “white table” display with items that symbolically paid tribute to veterans. At DuJardin, passages were read in support of Veterans’ Day, videos were shown depicting the history behind this holiday, and ways in which to show respect for our veterans were discussed. Erickson students in grades 2, 4, & 5 paid tribute to visiting veterans, while kindergarten students made posters, first graders wrote letters, and third graders made a “wall of heroes.”

With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation, NDSEC Executive Director Lea Anne Frost reported on services the Co-op provides the District. She also shared that the transition program will move to its new facility at 6 S. Addison Road in Bensenville over the winter break.

Board Reports and Requests

Board "Salutes"
The following people received a "salute" from one or more board members and/or the superintendent/assistant superintendent for their contributions to the Bloomingdale School District community:

Resolution to Accept Nominating Petitions (F.D. 11/26/12-7)
A motion was made by Mrs. Klco and seconded by Mrs. Lancaster to approve the Resolution for Accepting the Nominating Petitions, and authorize the Board President and Secretary to sign it. Voice Vote: all ayes

Approval of Contract with Forecast5 Analytics (F.D. 11/26/12-8)
A motion was made by Mr. Moreth and seconded by Mrs. Wojcicki to authorize the Superintendent to sign the contract with Forecast5 Analytics as presented.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Moreth, Wojcicki, Birkley, Klco, Lancaster, Peterson, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

CASE Services
Dr. Lea Anne Frost and Dr. Bartelt shared the reasoning behind a proposal to switch special education services currently provided by CASE back to NDSEC. Although the cost savings would be minimal, it is their belief that these services can easily be provided by NDSEC staff. Dr. Bartelt will be recommending termination of services by CASE.

Presentation of the FY2012 Audit
(In order to accommodate the auditor who was in the audience, Dr. Bartelt suggested moving this agenda item up on the list for discussion.)

Mr. Mike Celer of the District’s auditing firm, Mathieson, Moyski, Celer & Co., LLP presented the firm’s findings after auditing our financial statements for the period ending June 30, 2012. For nine consecutive years the District has earned a perfect 4.0 score, and, as such, has received Financial Recognition status again from the Illinois State Board of Education. Mr. Celer directed the Board to specific tables throughout his presentation. The District’s total net assets at the end of FY2012 totaled $23,290,727, up from the previous year.

School Board Conference
Board members shared information regarding their individual attendance at Triple I Conference sessions. Board members attended a variety of workshops that dealt with strategic planning, collective bargaining, core standards, and pension reform. They also visited exhibitor booths for PMA Financial and Forecast5 Analytical. Mr. McKeown and Dr. Bartelt expressed their disappointment in general session speakers for this conference. The Board suggested that Dr. Bartelt contact the Illinois Association of School Boards to share this feedback.

Quarterly Investment Report
The Board was presented with the third quarter investment report from PFM Asset Management for the period which ended September 30, 2012.

Board Policy First Readings
Dr. Bartelt reviewed recommended changes from the Illinois School Board Association to Policy 2:125 – Board Member Expenses, Policy 2:200 – Types of Board of Education Meetings, Policy 2:220 – Board of Education Meeting Procedure, Policy 5:30 – Hiring Process and Criteria, and the implementation of Policy 5:125 – Personal Technology and Social Media: Usage and Conduct.

Administrative Procedures 5:52 and 5:53
Dr. Bartelt recommended elimination of the administrative procedures that address a retirement enhancement for administrators and support personnel, due to the potential of a cost shift in pension reform. This action will be voted on at the December meeting and will be suspended immediately for an indefinite period of time. Dr. Bartelt intends to meet with eligible staff members regarding this proposed change.

Topics for Future Agendas
At the request of Mr. Moreth, Dr. Bartelt will include a progress report on the strategic planning process at the next meeting.

For Information
Informational items included the following:

Closed Session
A motion was made by Ms. Peterson and seconded by Mrs. Wojcicki to enter into closed session after a five-minute recess at 8:56 p.m. for the purpose of litigation, when an action against, affecting or on behalf of the particular body has been filed and is pending before a court or administrative tribunal, or when the public body finds that an action is probable or imminent, in which case the basis for the finding shall be recorded and entered into the minutes of the closed meetings. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(11).

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Peterson, Wojcicki, Birkley, Klco, Lancaster, Moreth, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

The Board returned to regular session at 9:54 p.m.

A motion was made by Ms. Peterson and seconded by Mr. Moreth to adjourn the meeting. Voice Vote: all ayes

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 p.m.

Terry McKeown, President
Linda Wojcicki, Secretary