Monday, October 22, 2007
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President Tamara Peterson called the regular meeting of the Board of Education of Bloomingdale Elementary District 13 to order on Monday, October 22, 2007 in the district office at 7:35 p.m.

Roll Call
Present: Mrs. Patricia Bach, Mrs. Diane Birkley, Dr. Donald Litchfield, Mr. Terence McKeown, Ms. Tamara Peterson

Absent: Mrs. Linda Wojcicki

Others Present: Dr. Kim Perkins, Dr. Linda Schielke, Mr. Mark Stamatakos, Mrs. Patricia Meyer, Mrs. Elaine Alex, Mrs. Charla Treanor, Mrs. Kathy Ogden

Consent Agenda
A motion was made by Mrs. Birkley and seconded by Mrs. Bach to approve the items shown in the Consent Agenda to include the Regular and Closed Session Minutes from the September 24th board meeting; the Approval of Bills in the Education Fund for $142,722.63, the Operations and Maintenance Fund for $120,141.80, the Transportation Fund for $64,264.19, Payroll (10-10-07) for $424,955.93; the Fund Balance Report as shown in F.D. 10/22/07-2, the Balance Sheet as shown in F.D. 10/22/07-3; the Revenue Report as shown in F.D. 10/22/07-4; the Expenditure Report as shown in F.D. 10/22/07-5; the Activity Report as shown in F.D. 10/22/07-6; the Resignations of Kelly Giffin, a paraprofessional a Westfield effective 10-8-07, Patricia Jensen, a paraprofessional at Erickson effective 9-24-07, Wendy Palazon, a reading/library parprofessional at Westfield effective 10-5-07; the Employment of Rosemary Biernacki, a bus monitor at Westfield effective 9-24-07 for a salary of $10.80 per hour, Katherine Hatfield, a paraprofessional at DuJardin effective 9-17-07 for a salary of $10.80 per hour, Lisa Malicki, a part-time early childhood teacher at DuJardin effective 9-27-07 for a salary of $16,524 per year, Sarah Plotnick-Anderson, a paraprofessional at Erickson effective 10-9-07 for a salary of $10.80 per hour, Donna Virgilio, a part-time early childhood paraprofessional at DuJardin effective 10-9-07 for a salary of $10.05 per hour; a Parental Leave of Absence for Charla Treanor, social worker at DuJardin, effective when she is released from disability leave after the birth of her child.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Birkley, Bach, Litchfield, McKeown, Peterson
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 5 – 0

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Perkins gave a brief summation of the district’s financial health, highlighting items from the proposed FY09 budget, the audit for the year ending June 30, 2007, and the third quarter investment report. These items will be discussed at greater length later in the agenda. The Board viewed a section from a DVD that will be shown at the AASA National Conference on Education to be held in Tampa, Florida in February. The clip entitled, “Did You Know?” listed a number of interesting global statistics.

Dr. Schielke gave her “On the Horizon” report which included an update on the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing that students have been taking, and will conclude on Tuesday, October 23. Dr. Schielke indicated that students have experienced success with this new process, and staff members, Mark Stamatakos, Elaine Alex, and Pat Meyer, who were in attendance, reiterated her feelings. Testing results should be received in the district early next week. Parents will receive their student’s results via mail at the time of report cards. As students continue to take the MAP tests twice yearly, parents will be able to track their child’s progression. Susan Udelhofen, author of the book, Keys to Curriculum Mapping, was the keynote speaker at the October 5th institute day. The day was devoted to curriculum mapping strategies. On Friday, October 19th, the first of four workshops was held focusing on differentiating instruction for ELL (English Language Learner) students. A facilitator from the IRC (Illinois Resource Council) will present this series of workshops. Dr. Perkins mentioned that some changes will be made to the yearly performance reports given to the Board, i.e., School Improvement Report will be presented at the May meeting instead of in the fall.

Board Reports and Requests

State Library Grant (F.D. 10/22/07-7)
A motion was made by Dr. Litchfield and seconded by Mrs. Bach to approve the application for the School District Library Grant and authorize the Board President to sign said application. Voice Vote: all ayes

The district will receive 75 cents per pupil from the grant, which amounts to approximately $989.

Snow Removal Contract Bids (F.D. 10/22/07-8)
A motion was made by Mrs. Bach and seconded by Mr. McKeown to approve the snow removal contract with TNT Landscape Construction, Inc. for the 2007-2009 seasons at a cost of $880 per “snow event.”

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Bach, McKeown, Birkley, Litchfield, Peterson
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 5 – 0

Enrollment Projections
Dr. Perkins shared the district’s enrollment history, which covers an 11-year span based on the sixth-day enrollment figures. Since 1999 the district has seen a 16.5% decline in its enrollment. This is due primarily to a decline in kindergarten enrollment. Dr. Perkins is projecting a decrease in middle school enrollment over the next four years. One outcome from the decline in enrollment is that the district has seen smaller class sizes. Mrs. Bach inquired whether this is a general population decline or solely District 13’s situation. Dr. Perkins indicated that this appears to be limited to us. He also expressed his concern for the time when the enrollment trend does start to increase, the property tax wouldn’t go up at the same rate.

Preliminary FY09 Budget
The Board reviewed the proposed budget for 2008-2009 as presented by Janis Prehn. Preliminary figures indicate that the district will see an increase of 1.7% due to new construction. Based on the new teacher contract, salaries are calculated to increase by 4.5%. Ms. Peterson expressed her appreciation for the continued effort by Mrs. Prehn to explain the district’s financial status through her clear and concise documentation.

Quarterly Investment Report
The Board reviewed the third quarter investment report from PFM Asset Management LLC.

Annual Audit
The Board reviewed the annual audit report for the year ending June 30, 2007 and submitted by Mathieson, Moyski, Celer & Co.,LLP.

Policy for School-Sponsored Events
Dr. Perkins reported that the district provided its certificate of insurance to Lake Park High School on behalf of the “Love for Lucy” committee. The committee is planning a spaghetti dinner to benefit a district staff member.

Candidates for Board of Education Vacancy and Interview Process and Timeline
The Board discussed interviewing procedures, questions, and schedule for the upcoming special board meeting on October 29. This board meeting is being held for the purpose of interviewing candidates to fill the vacancy left by Mary Ellen Johnson’s unexpired term. Thirty minutes will be allowed for each candidate interview which will include board discussion time. Board members were asked to supply Mrs. Bach with their suggested questions.

For Information
Informational items included:

At Mrs. Birkley’s request, Dr. Perkins explained what the schools are doing to adhere to the new Illinois “Moment of Silence” mandate.

Closed Session
A motion was made by Mrs. Bach and seconded by Mrs. Birkley to enter into closed session at 9:10 p.m. after a five-minute break to discuss the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the district or legal counsel for the district, including hearing testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee or against legal counsel for the district to determine its validity. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1), as amended by P.A. 93-0057. Voice Vote: all ayes

The Board returned to regular session at 9:46 p.m.

A motion was made by Mrs. Bach and seconded by Dr. Litchfield to adjourn the meeting. Voice Vote: all ayes

The meeting was adjourned at 9:48 p.m.

Tamara J. Peterson, President
Linda Wojcicki, Secretary