Monday, January 26, 2015
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President Terry McKeown called the regular meeting of the Board of Education in Bloomingdale Elementary School District 13 to order on Monday, January 26, 2015 in the District Office, 164 S. Euclid Avenue, Bloomingdale, Illinois at 7:03 p.m.

Roll Call
Present: Mrs. Diane Birkley, Mrs. Fina Klco, Mrs. Susan Lancaster, Mr. Cary Moreth, Ms. Tamara Peterson, Mrs. Linda Wojcicki, Mr. Terry McKeown

Absent: None

Others Present: Dr. Jon Bartelt, Dr. Evonne Waugh, Adam Parisi, Nanci Greene, Deyana Matt, Mariela Siegert, Heidi Weeks, Jon Perry, Justin Kastory, Patti Edwards, Heather Grover-Farris, Heather Miller, Ashley Patla, Layne Winiarczyk, Sarah Plecki, Matt Boebel, Greg Leyden, Kathy Ogden

Mr. McKeown welcomed audience members.

Consent Agenda
A motion was made by Mrs. Wojcicki and seconded by Mr. Moreth to approve the items in the Consent Agenda, which included Minutes from the Regular and Closed Session Meetings held 12-15-14; the Approval of Bills in the Education Fund in the amount of $397,086.26, the Operations and Maintenance Fund in the amount of $149,276.04, the Transportation Fund in the amount of $68,050.59, the Tort Fund in the amount of $100.00, Payroll (12-10-14) in the amount of $424,562.763 and (12-24-14) in the amount of $397,019.15 and shown in F.D. 1/26/15-1; the Fund Balance Report as shown in F.D. 1/26/15-2; the Balance Sheet as shown in F.D. 1/26/15-3; the Revenue Report as shown in F.D. 1/26/15-4; the Expenditure Report as shown in F.D. 1/26/15-5; the Activity Report as shown in F.D. 1/26/15-6; the Employment of Tina Piemonte as crossing guard for DuJardin effective 1-5-15 for a salary of $11.75/hr., Ashley Weiss, as a part-time substitute parapro at DuJardin effective 1-20-15 for a salary of $11.75/hr., Kathryn Plonski  as a parapro at Westfield effective 1-26-15 for a salary of $11.75/hr., a Change of Position for Geralyn Zanoni from DuJardin secretary to Payroll Assistant effective 7-1-15 for a salary of $49,738, Courtney Ballard from a parapro at DuJardin to substitute kindergarten teacher for a term of 1-5-5 thru 5-1-15; Resignations for Brittany Meyer as parapro at Westfield effective 12-19-14, Margarita Cancel as district-wide nurse effective 1-15-15; a FMLA Leave for Nicole Kastory as Gr. 4 teacher at DuJardin for a term of 4-10-15 thru end of school year, Justin Kastory as Gr. 7 teacher at Westfield for a term of 4-10-15 thru 4-17-15, Vaishali Shah as Kdg. Teacher at DuJardin for a term of 1-5-15 thru 5-1-15, a Sick Leave for Susan Wruck as secretary at Westfield for a term of 12-5-14 thru 1-5-15.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Wojcicki, Moreth, Birkley, Klco, Lancaster, Peterson, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 - 0

Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Waugh shared information regarding various workshop opportunities for staff for the February 27th county-wide institute day.  These included:  DuPage Regional Office of Education offerings, DuPage Valley Mathematics Conference, Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference, and NDSEC Connections Conference.  Dr. Bartelt shared that the administrative staff will hold mock job interview training for interested paraprofessionals.

Dr. Bartelt indicated that the renovation of Erickson’s front entrance for security purposes is now complete.  Kudos are extended to Sigalos and Associates for their management of the project, which came in $4300 under budget.

Dr. Bartelt fulfilled his requirement to the Board, which is to notify them of their responsibility to annually evaluate his progress by June 1st.

Finance Director Adam Parisi shared data showing student enrollment projections for the next school year.  Based on data generated using tools provided by Forecast5, Mr. Parisi showed “live birth” data sorted by the four zip codes that feed into the District.  He also provided a history of enrollment trends beginning with 2006.

Board Reports and Requests

Board “Salutes”
The following people received a “salute” from one or more board members and/or the superintendent/assistant superintendent for their contributions to the Bloomingdale School District community:

Freedom of Information Act Request
Dr. Bartelt reported that two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests had been received since the Board last met.  Scott Reeder from Illinois Policy requested “provisions within the collective bargaining agreement for providing compensation to Union Leadership while performing union-related activities.”  Lauren Knafelc from COTG requested copies of lease and maintenance agreements for copiers and fax machines.  Mrs. Ogden handled both requests within the appropriate timeline.

Closed Session Minutes Review & Audio Tapes Destruction (F.D. 1/26/15-7)
A motion was made by Ms. Peterson and seconded by Mrs. Wojcicki to approve the continued unavailability of closed session minutes, and the destruction of closed session audio tapes for the period of January 28, 2013 – August 26, 2013.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Peterson, Wojcicki, Birkley, Klco, Lancaster, Moreth, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

2015-2016 School Calendar (F.D. 1/26/15-8)
A motion was made by Mrs. Klco and seconded by Ms. Peterson to approve the 2015-2016 School Calendar as presented and shown in F.D. 1/26/15-8.  Voice Vote:  all ayes

Renewal of Intergovernmental Agreement (F.D. 1/26/15-9)
A motion was made by Mrs. Lancaster and seconded by Mr. Moreth to approve the renewal of the intergovernmental agreement with the local municipal tax consortium, as presented.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Lancaster, Moreth, Birkley, Klco, Peterson, Wojcicki, McKeown
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

1:1 Technology Device Recommendation
Nanci Greene a member of the District’s Technology Committee presented a proposal for 1:1 technology device implementation.  Mrs. Greene gave a history of the District’s technology growth and the need to stay current with regard to student learning.   Over the last few months, members of the committee arranged site visits to various school districts that have already implemented a 1:1 technology device program. Positive results were gleaned from each visit.  Committee members attended conferences where they got a good look into what 21st Century classrooms should look like.

Mrs. Greene shared recommendations by the committee on how they would like to see the program roll out and staffing requirements.  The committee is proposing Nexus Tablets for kindergarten, and Chromebooks for Grades 1 – 8.

Registration Fees for 2015-2016
Adam Parisi shared proposed registration fees for the 2015-2016 school year.  Based on the recommendation for the implementation of 1:1 technology devices for all students in kindergarten through eighth grade, Mr. Parisi is recommending a tiered fee system which would include a technology fee to help offset the cost of these devices.  Mr. Parisi is proposing the increase begin with the 2015-2016 school year, and gradually decline over the following two years.  Mr. McKeown recommended an “association fee” approach instead.  He also directed the technology committee to poll districts that they had visited to find out if there was parent concern when a device is already being used in their homes.  The District will prepare a communication plan for parents well in advance of registration. 

Topics for Future Agendas
Mrs. Lancaster requested that a discussion be held regarding revision of the superintendent’s evaluation tool.  Dr. Bartelt responded that this will be included as a closed session item.

A motion was made by Mrs. Wojcicki and seconded by Ms. Peterson to adjourn the meeting.  Voice Vote:  all ayes

The meeting was adjourned at 8:54 p.m.

Terry McKeown, President
Linda Wojcicki, Secretary