Monday, January 13, 2003
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President Donald Litchfield called the regular meeting of the Board of Education of Bloomingdale Elementary District 13 to order on Monday, January 13, 2003 in the district office at 7:38 p.m.

Roll Call
Present: Mrs. Patricia Bach, Mrs. Mary Ellen Johnson, Mr. Edward Levato, Mrs. Ruth Ann Olson-Lewyckyj, Mr. Terence McKeown, Mrs. Linda Wojcicki, Dr. Donald Litchfield

Absent: None

Others Present: Dr. Jerome Gordon, Dr. Janice Caruso, Mr. Al Sparks, Mrs. Tamara Peterson, Mrs. Kathy Ogden

Consent Agenda
A motion was made by Mrs. Johnson and seconded by Mr. Levato to remove Charles Swangren’s resignation/retirement from the Consent Agenda, so this issue could be voted on separately. Voice Vote: all ayes

A motion was made by Mrs. Wojcicki and seconded by Mr. McKeown to approve the Consent Agenda to include the Minutes of the 12-9-02 meeting. Voice Vote: all ayes

A motion was made by Mrs. Olson-Lewyckyj and seconded by Mrs. Wojcicki to approve, with regret, the resignation/retirement of Charles Swangren as principal of Westfield Middle School effective 6-30-03. Voice Vote: Ayes – 6, Nays – 1

District's Literacy Update
Dr. Caruso gave a report on the implementation of the district’s literacy program to-date along with an overview of the plans for the Parent Education Conference scheduled for April 15. Author Jim Trelease will be the guest speaker at the conference that evening, but will spend time with teachers during the afternoon inservice. Publicity on the Parent Education Conference will include a notice in the newspaper, the Bloomingdale Almanac and on cable television. Information folders will be distributed to parents at the conference.

Board Reports and Requests

Resolution of Appreciation for Christina Terenzio R#3 (F.D. 1/13/03-1)
A motion was made by Mrs. Olson-Lewyckyj and seconded by Mrs. Bach to adopt a resolution honoring Christina Terenzio in appreciation for bringing her concerns for left-handed students to the attention of the Board as shown in F.D. 1/13/03-1. Voice Vote: all ayes

Review of Closed Session Minutes (F.D. 1/13/03-2)
A motion was made by Mr. Levato and seconded by Mrs. Wojcicki to keep the minutes from the existing closed sessions confidential as shown in F.D. 1/13/03-2. Voice Vote: all ayes

Telecommunication Consultant Proposal (F.D. 1/13/03-3)
A motion was made by Mr. Levato and seconded by Mr. McKeown to approve the consultant contract with Telesolutions per Janis Prehn’s recommendation and shown in F.D. 1/13/03-3.

Roll Call Vote

Ayes: Levato, McKeown, Bach, Johnson, Olson-Lewyckyj, Wojcicki, Litchfield
Nays: None
Motion Carried: 7 – 0

Scariano Seminar
None of the board members will be able to attend the Scariano Seminar on January 25.

Chamber of Commerce Dinner
The Board finalized plans for the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner on January 25.

LEND Winter Seminar
The LEND Winter Seminar will be held on Saturday, February 8.

NSBA Convention
Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Wojcicki will be attending the NSBA Convention in San Francisco from April 4 – 8. The Board will need to hold a special meeting to canvass the results of the April 1 election. As two members will be going out of town, there was a brief discussion of meeting dates and the possibility of a conference call between members.

Reconvened Closed Session
A motion was made by Mrs. Olson-Lewyckyj and seconded by Mrs. Wojcicki to reconvene the closed session meeting for the purpose of continuing the discussion of the superintendent interview process. Voice Vote: all ayes

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Donald Litchfield, President
Jerome E. Gordon, Secretary