School District 13
Board of


Monday, November 26, 2007 - 7:30 p.m.

Mrs. Bach
Mrs. Birkley
Mrs. Klco
Mr. McKeown
Ms. Peterson
Mrs. Wojcicki
Dr. Litchfield


Roll Call

Oath of Office

Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Regular Minutes 10-22-07

Closed Session Minutes - 10-22-07

Special Meeting Minutes - 10-29-07

Special Closed Session Minutes - 10-29-07

Approval of Bills

Fast Bills Annotation

Fast Bills

Big Bills Annotation

Big Bills

Education Fund $347,801.35

Operations and Maintenance Fund $76,835.75

Transportation Fund $61,586.70


November 10 $389,880.56

November 20 $386,419.07

Financial Reports

Fund Summary Report

Fund Balance Report

Revenue Report

Expenditure Report

Activity Report

Personnel - Resignations/New Hires/Extra Duty

Superintendent's Report

MRSA Precautions

Report on Change to Start of Kindergarten Year

Citizen's Request to Board

Board Reports and Requests

Freedom of Information Act Request

Action Items

Board Policy 5330 - ESP Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays and Leaves (F.D. 11/26/07-7)

Cover Sheet - Board Policy 5330

Policy 5330

Superintendents Contract Goals (F.D. 11/26/07-8)

Resolution to Honor Mary Ellen Johnson F.D. 11/26/07-9)

Cover Sheet - Resolution

Resolution Honoring Mary Ellen Johnson

Discussion Items

IASB Convention

Cover Sheet - IASB Convention

Tentative Tax Levy

Cover Sheet - Tentative Tax Levy

Tentative Tax Levy

AP Policy 552 - ESP Retirement Enhancement

Cover Sheet - AP Policy 552

ESP Retirement Enhancement - AP Policy

AP Policy 553 - Administrative Retirement Enhancement

Cover Sheet - AP Policy 553

Administrative Retirement Enhancement Administrative Procedures Policy

AP Policy 554 - Administrator Benefits

Cover Sheet - AP Policy 554

Benefits for Administrators - Administrative Procedures Policy

Topic(s) for Future Agendas

For Infomation

1st Quarter Suspension Report

1st Quarter Suspension Report

2006-2007 Suspension Reports

Annual County Inspection

Inspection Results

Inspection Response

October Enrollment

Master Board Member Recognition

NDSEC November Profile

DuPage West Cook Board Briefs

Pack-o-Fun Visits Erickson

Letter from Attorney General re-FirstGroup

Letter from County Clerk re-2008 Budget

Letter from Representative Tom Cross re-BIMP

Letter to Representatives re-BIMP

Letter re-Donation of Computer Laptop Cart

Kirkham Thank-you Letter

Skie Thank-you Letter