School District 13
Board of


Monday, October 27, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Mrs. Birkley
Mrs. Klco
Mrs. Lancaster
Mr. McKeown
Mr. Moreth
Ms. Peterson
Mrs. Wojcicki


Roll Call

Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Regular Minutes - 9-29-14

Closed Session Minutes - 9-29-14

Approval of Bills F.D. 10/27/14-1

Education Fund $444,680.28

Operations and Maintenance Fund $94,858.25

Transportation Fund $99,175.50

Capital Projects $0

Tort Fund $100.00


September 25 $396,348.05

October 10 $418,866.37

Financial Reports

Fund Balance Report F.D. 10/27/14-2

Balance Sheet F.D. 10/27/14-3

Revenue Report F.D. 10/27/14-4

Expenditure Report F.D. 10/27/14-5

Activity Report F.D. 10/27/14-6

Personnel - New Hires/Resignations

Superintendent's Report

Board Book Study

Visual on District 13 Student Demographics

IASA State Superintendent Conference

Presentation of the FY2014 Audit

State School Report Cards

Illinois At-A-Glance

Student Academic Growth

Student Academic Growth -Score Breakdown by Proficiency Level

Summary - ISAT Performance

Citizen's Request to Board

Board Reports and Requests

Freedom of Information Act Request

Action Items

Second Reading/Adoption of Board Policies and Procedures F.D. 10/27/14-7

Cover Sheet

Policy 220

Policy 460

Policy 4100

Policy 4170

Policy 4175

Policy 530

Policy 5260

Policy 5280

Policy 6150

Policy 7240

Policy 7250

Admin Procedure 460-AP3

Admin Procedure 4110-AP1

Admin Procedure 4170-AP2 E3

Admin Procedure 7:250-AP1

Approval of the FY2014 Audit F.D. 10/27/14-8

Cover Sheet

FY14 Audit

Joint Resolution Against the Passage of Senate Bill 16 F.D. 10/27/14-9

Cover Sheet


Amendment to 403b Plan Document F.D. 10/27/14-8

Cover Sheet

403b Plan Document

Plan 403b Plan Agreement

Amendments to the NDSEC Articles of Agreement F.D. 10/27/14-11

Cover Sheet

Articles of Agreement

NDSEC Agreement

Discussion Items

Review FY2016 Budget for Funds 1 & 5

Cover Sheet

Memo from Adam Parisi


Tentative Tax Levy

Cover Sheet

Tax Levy

Triple "I" Conference

Cover Sheet

Conference Preview

Topic(s) for Future Agendas

For Information

Enrollment Report

NDSEC Profile

PMA Quarterly Investment Report

Closed Session

Employment/Evaluation of Personnel

Cover Sheet

Potential Action Item

Re-employment of the Superintendent F.D. 10/27/14-10

Cover Sheet