School District 13
Board of


Monday, June 27, 2011 - 7:00 p.m.

Mrs. Birkley
Mrs. Klco
Mrs. Lancaster
Mr. McKeown
Mr. Moreth
Ms. Peterson
Mrs. Wojcicki


Roll Call

Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Regular Minutes 5-23-11

Closed Session Minutes 5-23-11

Approval of Bills F.D. 6/27/11-1

Fast Bills

Memo from Janis Prehn

Fast Bills

Big Bills

Memo from Janis Prehn

Big Bills

Education Fund $106,787.80

Operations and Maintenance Fund $74,124.28

Debt Service $0

Transportation Fund $110,747.07

Tort Fund $4,126.00


June 10 $416,780.55

June 25 $429,664.71

Financial Reports

Fund Balance Report F.D. 6/27/11-2

Balance Sheet F.D. 6/27/11-3

Revenue Report F.D. 6/27/11-4

Expenditure Report F.D. 6/27/11-5

Activity Report F.D. 6/27/11-6

Personnel - New Hires/Resignations/Transfers/Rehires/Leaves

Superintendent's Report

Presentations by Superintendent Search Firms

BWP and Associates

HYA and Associates

School Exec Connect

Staff Development Report

ECRA Second Year Literacy Program Evaluation Report

ECRA 2011 Student Survey Report

ECRA Writing Assessment

Citizen's Request to Board

Board Reports and Requests

Freedom of Information Act Request

Action Items

Closed Session Minutes Review and Destruction of Audio Tapes F.D. 6/27/11-7

Cover Sheet


End-of-Year Resolutions F.D. 6/27/11-8, 9, 10 and 11

Cover Sheet

Transfer of Interest

Petty Cash

Prevailing Wages


Prevailing Wage for June 2011

Prevailing Wage Certificate

Notice of Adoption of Prevailing Wage

Designation of Person to Prepare the Budget

Pre-authorizaton of July Bills F.D. 6/27/11-12

Cover Sheet

Pre-authorization of July Bills

Second Reading of Board Policy F.D. 6/27/11-13

Cover Sheet

Policy 720 - Bullying

Selection of Superintendent Search Firm F.D. 6/27/11-14

Cover Sheet

Administrative Salary Recommendations F.D. 6/27/11-15

Cover Sheet

Administrative Raises

Resolution Approving Accession of Addison SD4 to NDSEC F.D. 6/27/11-16

Cover Sheet

Attorney-Client Letter

Resolution Approving Accession of Addison SD4 to NDSEC

Resolution Approving Membership in and Accession to NDSEC

Honorable Dismissal of Educational Support Personnel F.D. 6/27/11-17

Cover Sheet


Discussion Items

FY11 State Aid Update

Cover Sheet

Memo from Janis Prehn

State Funding Dashboard

Review FY12 Budget in Funds 1 and 5

Cover Sheet

Budget Notes

Preliminary Budget in Funds 1 and 5

Goals Update

Cover Sheet

2010-2011 Goals Update

Investment Report

Cover Sheet

Topic(s) for Future Agendas

For Information

Enrollment Report

NDSEC Profile

Response Letter to West Pointe Estates

Kindergarten Enrollment Comparison

Master Board Member

DuPage West Cook

ECRA Hours Statement

NDSEC User Fee Agreement

Fourth Quarter Suspension Report



Parent Thank-you Letter

IGC Membership

Memo from Greg Leyden

IGC Letter

2011 AYP Status Report

FY11 Mandated Categorical Payments

Closed Session - Evaluation of Superintendent