School District 13
Board of


Monday, June 25, 2012 7:00 p.m.

Mrs. Birkley
Mrs. Klco
Mrs. Lancaster
Mr. McKeown
Mr. Moreth
Ms. Peterson
Mrs. Wojcicki


Roll Call

Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Regular Minutes 5-21-12

Closed Session - 5-21-12

Approval of Bills F.D. 6/25/12-1

Fast Bills Memo

Fast Bills

Bills List Memo

Bills List

Education Fund $169,007.44

Operations and Maintenance Fund $95,732.63

Debt Service $0

Transportation Fund $90,305.10

Tort Fund $4,638.00


5-25-12 $413,153.73

6-10-12 $440,310.08

Financial Reports

Fund Balance Report F.D. 6/25/12-2

Balance Sheet F.D. 6/25/12-3

Revenue Report F.D. 6/25/12-4

Expenditure Report F.D. 6/25/12-5

Activity Report F.D. 6/25/12-6

Personnel - New Hires/Resignations/Retirement/Transfers/Termination

Superintendent's Report

Professional Development Report

ECRA Local Writing Assessment Results

Update on SB7 Compliance - Teacher and Principal Evaluation Changes

Summative Performance Review - Teacher

Professional Growth Plan Final Summary Form

Professional Growth Plan Annual Summary Form

Summative Evaluation - ILL Standards for Principal-Assistant Principal

Illinois Standards for Principal-Assistant Principal Evaluation

Principal-Assistant Principal Evaluation Guiding Framework

DuJardin Playground Project

Memo from Mark Dwyer

Playground Information Packet

Citizen's Request to Board

Board Reports and Requests

Freedom of Information Act Request

Action Items

Board of Education Meeting Schedule 2012-2013 F.D. 6/25/12-7

Cover Sheet

Board Meeting Dates

Closed Session Minutes Review and Destruction of Audio Tapes

Cover Sheet

Closed Session Minutes

End of Year Resolutions

Cover Sheet

Transfer of Interest F.D. 6/25/12-9

Petty Cash F.D. 6/25/12-10

Prevailing Wages F.D. 6/25/12-11

DuPage County Prevailing Wage for June 2012

Prevailing Wage Resolution


Designation of Person to Prepare the Budget F.D. 6/25/12-12

Appointment of an Authorized Agent to Represent BSD13 in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund F.D. 6/25/12-13

Cover Sheet


Notice of Appointment of Authorized Agent

Resolution to Approve Authorized Signers F.D. 6/25/12-14

Cover Sheet


Pre-authorization of July Bills F.D. 6/25/12-15

Cover Sheet

Memo from Janis Prehn

2012-2013 Administrator Salaries-Raises F.D. 6/25/12-16

Cover Sheet

Administrator Salary Proposal

First and Second Reading of Policy 6235 Revision F.D. 6/25/12-17

Cover Sheet

Policy 6235

NDSEC Articles of Agreement - IST Billing F.D. 6/25/12-18

Cover Sheet

Amendment to Articles of Agreement


Discussion Items

FY12 State Aid Update

Cover Sheet

Memo from Jan


Review FY13 Budget in Funds 1 and 5

Cover Sheet

Budget Memo

Education Fund

Retirement Fund

Topic(s) for Future Agendas

For Information

Enrollment Report

NDSEC Profile

Projected NDSEC Profile

Administrator Evaluations

4th Quarter Suspension Report

IRC Conference

Illinois Gas Cooperative

Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Testing History

Master School Board Member

Closed Session - Imminent Litigation