School District 13
Board of


Monday, February 23, 2009 - 7:30 p.m.

Mrs. Birkley
Mrs. Klco
Dr. Litchfield
Mr. McKeown
Mr. Moreth
Ms. Peterson
Mrs. Wojcicki


Roll Call

Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Regular Minutes 1-26-09

Closed Session - 1-26-09

Approval of Bills F.D. 2/23/09-1

Fast Bills Memo

Fast Bills

Big Bills Memo

Bills List

Education Fund $31,942.05

Operations and Maintenance Fund $61,280.19

Transportation Fund $51,645.04

Tort Fund $280.00


Feb. 10 $400,197.80

Financial Reports

Fund Balance Report F.D. 2/23/09-2

Balance Sheet F.d. 2/23/09-3

Revenue Report

Expenditure Report F.D. 2/23/09-5

Activity Report F.D. 2/23/09-6

Personnel - Resignations/New Hires

Superintendent's Report

Class Size Report

Annual Financial Rating

Citizen's Request to Board

Board Reports and Requests

Freedom of Information Act Request

Action Items

Approve List of Facilities Projects to be Completed Within Two Years F.D. 2/23/09-7

Cover Sheet

Facilities Projects List

Approve Agreement of Partnership F.D. 2/23/09-8

Cover Sheet

Agreement of Partnership

PowerPoint Presentation

Approve Funding Mechanism for List of Facilities Projects F.D. 2/23/09-9

Cover Sheet


PFM Services


Authorize District Officials to Work with PFM on Selection of an Underwriting Firm F.D. 2/23/09-10

Cover Sheet

Approve List of Maintenance Projects for Summer 2009 F.D. 2/23/09-11

Cover Sheet

Building Project Priorities List

Discussion Items

Cash Flow Analysis

Cover Sheet

Current Financial Status and 5-Yr Projection

Financial Statement and Projection - Education Fund

Financial Statement and Projection - Operations and Maintenance

Financial Statement and Projection - Transportation

Financial Statement and Projection - Retirement

Financial Statement and Projection - Tort

Tax Rates and Extensions

Tax Rates and Extensions - Assumes low CPI from 2009-2012

Tax Extensions by Budget Fiscal Year

Financial Summary and Projection - Operating

Financial Summary and Projection - Operating Funds assuming low CPIs of 1 - 2 percent

Topic(s) for Future Agendas

For Infomation

January Enrollment Report

Second Quarter Suspension Report

NDSEC Profile

Administrative Personnel Recommendations

Fire Department Inspection Results