Accelerated Program

Accelerated Program

Accelerated Program

Philosophy and Goals

The gifted program in Bloomingdale District 13 is an Accelerated program with Accelerated clusters in the classrooms consisting of Accelerated students and Accelerated students with support. 

Illinois School Code – Article 14:

Sec 14A-20. Gifted and talented children. For purposes of this Article, “gifted and talented children” means children and youth with outstanding talent who perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with other children and youth of their age, experience, and environment. A child shall be considered gifted and talented in any area of aptitude, and, specifically, in language arts and mathematics, by scoring in the top 5% locally in that area of aptitude.


Bloomingdale District 13 believes in the maximum educational development of all students. Our academically talented students are entitled to programs and services supportive of their needs that extend learning beyond the core curriculum. It is essential that these students are provided with diverse, appropriate, and ongoing learning experiences and environments that foster their academic and social-emotional growth. We want students of District 13 to capitalize on their talents, express themselves in a meaningful way, become actively involved in their learning, and be a contributing member to their schools and community.


The gifted program in Bloomingdale District 13 is an Accelerated program with Accelerated clusters in the classrooms consisting of Accelerated students with support. It provides differentiated programming that consists of enrichment and acceleration to challenge and extend the learning of those students who have been identified for placement in the Accelerated program. We are committed to the belief that Accelerated students are individuals who require guidance in discovering, developing, and realizing their potentials as individuals and as members of society.

Students identified for the Accelerated program...

  • need opportunities to work with grade level curriculum and Common Core State Standards to demonstrate what they have previously learned/mastered.
  • need to spend less time focusing on the knowledge, comprehension, and application levels of learning and more time on the higher levels of thinking that include analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • need different grouping strategies.
  • need differentiated modifications in order to meet their unique learning needs.
  • need to learn skills for coping with frustrations due to their intense nature, sensitivity, and unique abilities.
  • need to have opportunities to strengthen and demonstrate leadership skills.
  • need to participate in varied opportunities where they can explore and clarify their personal values, strengths, challenges, and goals.

Goals of the Accelerated Program

  • Challenge students to a higher level of thinking and learning
  • Incorporate rigor and complexity in learning opportunities
  • Extend and enrich the Common Core State Standards
  • Emphasize higher level thinking
  • Accelerate grade level curriculum where appropriate
  • Offer differentiated opportunities
  • Encourage risk taking and personal growth
  • Instill and foster a passion for learning
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