Sponsored Services

Sponsored Services

Sponsored Services

Hot Lunch

Who Can Participate:    All of DuJardin's Students and Staff
What:    Parents may purchase a Hot Lunch for their child. The Hot Lunches come from Buona restaurant and are delivered to the school on the hot lunch dates.
When:    Tuesday through Thursday
Where:    DuJardin Elementary School Gym (lunchroom)

Scholarship Program

Chairperson:    Linda Korbel
Who Benefits:    Current High School Seniors who have graduated from DuJardin
What:    Each candidate must complete an application, write an essay, submit High School transcripts and 3 letters of recommendation. A $750 College Scholarship funded by the PTO is awarded each year based on Community Service, Accademic Achievement and Financial Need to a one of the applicants, who must be a High School Senior who has graduated from DuJardin.
When:    The Application Deadline is April. There will be an Awards Ceremony in May.
Where:    Awards Ceremony will be held at Lake Park High School

School Supplies

Chairperson:    Please contact Justine Lupa for additional information and/or to have your questions answered.
Who can Participate:    DuJardin's Parents
What:    Purchase all or most of the necessary school supplies needed by your child for the school year.
When:    In May look for an order form in the Jaguar Journal.
Where:    Orders will be shipped directly to your home.

PTO Web Coordinator

Chairperson:    Please contact Debbie Cozzo for additional information and/or to have your questions answered.
Who Benefits:    All DuJardin's Families, Teachers and Staff
What:    A PTO web site that enables Parents, Teachers and Staff to have access to all information pertaining to the PTO including information about each fundraiser, activity or service sponsored by the PTO including ways to volunteer and support the PTO. 
When:    The PTO section of DuJardin's School web site is maintained throughout the year. Please check back regularly to see what's happening with the DuJardin PTO.
Where:    If any information is incorrect, please contact the chairperson with corrections. It is very important to the PTO that information is accurate and timely.
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