Sponsored Activities

Sponsored Activities

Sponsored Activities

Appreciation Luncheon

Chairperson:    Jen Kazan
Who Benefits:    DuJardin's Teachers, Aides and Staff
What:    PTO serves a luncheon to the teachers, paraprofessionals and staff of DuJardin during the lunch hour. The cost of this luncheon is paid for by the PTO. If you'd like to donate dessert items to the luncheon, please contact the chairperson above.
When:    Every year - Spring
Where:    DuJardin Elementary School


Chairperson:    Cynthia Hunn
Who's Invited:    All of DuJardin's Families and Friends, Open to All Ages
When:     Every year - January
Where:    DuJardin Elementary School's Gym
 Chairperson's Duties:     Coordination of all volunteers. Securing raffle items. Managing Bingo night.
 Volunteers' Duties:     
* 4 people to help with setup from 4:30pm to 6:30pm
* 4 people to sell BINGO CARDS and Raffle Tickets from 6:15pm to 7:15pm
* 4 people to monitor the Prize Table from 7:00pm to 8:15pm
* 1 person to call the Bingo numbers from 7:00pm to 8:15pm
* 4 people to double check BINGO cards when someone BINGOS from 7:00pm to 8:15pm
* 4 people to sell the food/snack items in the Kitchen from 6:15pm to 8:00pm
* 4 people to help with clean up from 8:30pm to 9:00pm. 

Breakfast with Teachers

Chairperson:    Please contact Jen Kazan for additional information and/or to have your questions answered.
Who Benefits:    DuJardin's Teachers, Aides, Staff and Students
What:    PTO serves a breakfast to the teachers, aides, staff and students of DuJardin. The cost of this activity is paid for by the PTO.
When:    Every year - May
Where:    DuJardin Elementary School's Gym

Field Day Lunch

Who Benefits:    All of DuJardin's Students
What:    PTO purchases a hot lunch for each student on Field Day.
When:    Every year - May
Where:    Classrooms at DuJardin

Fifth Grade Celebration

Who Benefits:    DuJardin's Fifth Grade Students
What:    End of Year Celebration - BBQ lunch and games
When:    End of May
Where:    DuJardin Gym and Playground

Holiday Magic

Chairperson:      Melissa Johnson
Who Can Participate:    All DuJardin's Students
What:    Students can select from over 90 small, holiday gifts to purchase for parents, siblings, relatives and friends, ranging in price from $.20 to $10.00. To help prepare the students for their shopping experience, a planning envelope will be sent home with each child. It is designed to help them decide who they will be shopping for and how much money they can spend on each person. It also provides a means to transport their money to and from school and serves as a receipt for your records. If you provide a check for your child, please make it payable to DuJardin PTO
When:    Information about when your child will be able to shop will be provided in the Jaguar Journal.
Where:    District Conference Room

Ice Cream Social

Chairperson:    PTO Board
Who Can Participate:    DuJardin's Students, Faculty and Families
What:    Ice cream and games
Where:    DuJardin's School Gym

Roller Skating Party

Chairperson:    Please contact Linda Korbel for additional information.
Who Can Participate:    All DuJardin's Students and Families
What:    Come join the fun roller skating the night away at Coachlite Skate Center.
When:    Check Jaguar Journal or PTO online calendar for dates.
Where:    Coachlite Skate Center, 1291 Bryn Mawr, Roselle

School Assemblies

Chairperson:    PTO Board
Who Can Participate:    All DuJardin's Students
What:    The PTO pays all the fees for these performances
When:    See calendar
Where:    DuJardin Elementary School
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