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Parent Information

Parent Information

PTO Board Information

PTO Board Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, except December when there is no meeting. The meeting time is 7 p.m. in DuJardin's I.M.C. Please check the Jaguar Journal for exact dates and times. 

Some of the potential agenda items at the PTO meetings include: discussing new Fundraiser/Activity/Service ideas or details of planned Fundraisers/Activities/Services, evaluating Teacher Requests for money to purchase items for the classroom, voting on Teacher Requests, announcing open Chairperson Positions for the next school year, accepting volunteers for open Chairperson Positions, forming a Board Nominating Committee to accept nominations to fill open Board Member Positions and voting for a candidate to fill open Board Member Positions. Please view the PTO Board Meeting Minutes from previous meetings to see all that's been happening with the DuJardin PTO. 
PTO Board Members 


President:   Sara Dworianyn
Vice President:   Melissa Somone-Graham
Secretary:   Nicole Mitropoulos
Treasurer:   Debbie Cozzo

Volunteering Information
How to become a Board Member:   Each Board Member Positions can be held by the same person for 2 school years. A Board Member Nominating Committee of 3 to 5 people will be formed in January. The committee will accept nominations for open Board Member positions through March. Almost all nominations are self-initiated. So, if you're interested in running for an open Board Member position, please let the committee know. In April, the candidates for each open Board Member Position will be posted in the Jaguar Journal. At the May PTO meeting, an election is held. Look for the new Board Members' names to be posted in the Jaguar Journal and on the PTO web site. 
President Duties:   Presides at all the meetings and supervises all of the PTO committees.
Vice President Duties:   Presides at a meeting if the President is absent and helps out the President as needed, usually with supervising the various PTO committees.
Secretary Duties:   Records the minutes of the monthly PTO meetings. Responsible for typing and distribution of the minutes to interested PTO members. (via e-mail and/or hard copies)
Treasurer Duties:   Responsible for handling all monies of the PTO organization. Keeps record of all receipts and expenditures and pays out funds as needed. Responsible for making a report and reading report at the monthly PTO meeting.


Activities and Fundraisers
Event Chairperson
Book Fair:    Sara Dworianyn
Box Tops 4 Education:    Student Council - Mrs. Burritt/Mrs. Lents
Fall Fundraiser :     PTO Executive Board
Holiday Magic:    Melissa Johnson
Original Artworks:    Melissa Johnson 
Spirit Wear:     Melissa Somone-Graham
Event Chairperson
Appreciation Luncheon:    Jennifer Kazan
Bingo:    Sara Dworianyn
Breakfast with Teachers:    Jennifer Kazan
Fifth Grade Celebration:    5th Grade Head Room Parents/Teachers
Room Parent Membership:    Melissa Johnson
Roller Skating:    Linda Korbel
School Assemblies:    PTO Executive Board
Event Chairperson
Hot Lunch:    Debbie Cozzo
Scholarship:    Linda Korbel
School Supplies:    Justine Lupa
Web Page Coordinator:    Debbie Cozzo
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