Ms. Maksimuk

Board Meeting Video and Reopening Plans

The July 27 Board of Education Meeting video, the Return to Learn Adaptive Plan and Guidelines can be found on our website under Board of Education.

Ms. Maksimuk

 Purple self portraits
Welcome to Ms. Maksimuk's Art Class!
DuJardin School Art Teacher
 Twitter: @DJsCircleofArt
I am excited to teach your young artists at DuJardin Elementary School! I have a bachelors degree in Art Education with a second major of English and a Masters Degree in Art History. 
I stress the independent aspect of 21st Century learning.   Students in my classroom are met daily with the rigor of the "New Visual Art Standards" that have been adopted across the country as well as "Elements and Principles of Art" which provide for structured, project-based assignments designed to encourage original creative choice.

The old-school "stand in front of the class and lecture" approach to teaching is one that you will not find in my classroom, as students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning journey.  Students are taught concepts, techniques, art movements, artists and skills so that they can move forward choosing the materials and styles that best help them communicate the ideas they want to express as inspired by the artists/movements/concepts they are taught. This style of teaching allows students to learn on their level and be pushed beyond their own personal skill level.  It is the freedom to choose and the exposure to new ideas and materials that makes my classroom so inviting and makes students eager to get inside!

I teach in a way that reinforces an independent ability to navigate and learn on one's own.  It is because there is such an independent drive in my classroom that students, no matter their choice of career or desires for art, will walk out of my room a better, more independent creative thinker and at the end of the day that is all one can hope for.

Art to me is more than just learning to draw, Art teaches us that there isn't always one answer to a problem and we can succeed if we just try.  My goal for your student is to help them become the best artists they can be through cultivating their natural creativity.
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