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Mrs. Matt

Art Education @ Westfield

Art Teacher
Mrs. Deyana S. Matt
Art Teacher 
630.529.6211 x5365 
My name is Deyana Matt and I am the Middle School Art Teacher for Westfield Middle School at Bloomingdale School District 13.
Foremost, I am interested in all that we call Art and I have a passion for all that is artistic. My artistic concentration is primarily drawing, but I also pursue other areas, such as painting, printmaking, illustration, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and film.
I deem myself to be an artwork that will continue to be in progress throughout my life. What I have learned from art is that there is never an end, only a time of temporary satisfaction.
As an art educator, I plan to be a work of art that is enhanced every time I step into a classroom. I have always had a passion for art as well as a passion for education and philosophy; hence, it is my decision to educate those of the future about art!
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Period 1: Plan
8:30am ~ 9:14am
Period 2: 6th Grade
9:17am ~ 10:01am
Period 3: 7th Grade
10:04am ~ 10:48am
Period 4: 8th Grade
10:51am ~ 11:35am
Period 5: Supervision
12:38pm ~ 12:22pm
Period 6: Lunch/Plan
12:25pm ~ 1:09pm
Period 7: 8th Grade
1:12pm ~ 1:56pm
Period 8: 7th Grade
1:59pm ~ 2:43pm
Period 9: 6th Grade 
2:46pm ~ 3:30pm
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