Education Program

Education Program

Education Program

Westfield Middle School operates on a 9 period day. Students attend core classes (Language arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) everyday, all year. Students participate in a 9 week rotation moving through the Exploratory Programs in Art, Drama, Music, and STEM. 8th grade students can elect to take full year Spanish I in lieu of the rotation. All students participate in the daily PE/Wellness Program and an Acceleration period designed to meet the individual needs of students.


Parents or guardians of any student may inspect any instructional materials used in schools. Those materials include textbooks, teacher’s manuals, films and tapes. Call the principal's office for an appointment if you wish to view any of these items.

Students are required to carry and use a plan book to keep track of assignments and upcoming tests and events. Teachers allow time in class for students to copy assignments into their planner. We encourage parents to require their student to bring the plan book home nightly to keep informed about student assignments. The school provides the first plan book each year; students must pay to replace lost or damaged plan books.

All students receive training in library skills and computer research searches. Additionally, all students are trained in word processing and related computer skills.

During the school day, students who qualify are assigned to receive assistance from our Resource teachers, Speech Therapist, Supportive Reading Instructor, Math Specialist, Social Worker, Counselor, or Band teacher. In addition, Response to Intervention (RtI) support will be provided for some students. RtI is a process which includes the provision of systematic, research-based instruction and interventions to struggling learners. RtI is designed as an early intervention to support long term academic success. Students may miss regular class time to receive any of these services. Parents and/or students may initiate their own requests for Counseling or Social Work services.

Students who have outstanding fees, encumbered fines, missing or damaged books (including rebinding fees) or other obligations, will be ineligible to participate in events, dances, activities, ceremonies, and field trips that occur during the year, celebrations and year-end activities.

We are currently in the process of shifting our grading practices towards a Standards-Based Grading philosphy.   Below, please note some of the practices that will shift as we move to a fully Standards-Based Grading and Reporting model.

~Student behaviors (effort, participation, etc) are not included in student grades. Feedback on behaviors will be shared in other ways.

~Students are not provided extra-credit or bonus points to increase a grade. 

~A student is graded on his or her academic performance and not as a group.

~Many activities are designed as practice.  Not every activity or assignment will be graded and recorded in the gradebook.

~Clear performance standards will be shared with students and parents, along with achievement expectations.

~Student performance will be compared to preset standards, not compared to the performance of other students.

~Reassessments will be used to determine the performance level of a student when sufficient evidence is missing.

~Summative assessments will primarily be used to determine grades.  Formative assessments and practice will be used as feedback.

~ Recent achievement will outway previous performance when determining the level of performance on a particular standard.  

~Homework is designed for practice of skills and is not factored into a student's grade.

~Redos and retakes are allowed when appropriate 

The grading system is as follows:
100-90 = A = 4 points
89-80 = B = 3 points
79-70 = C = 2 points
69-60 = D = 1 point
59- 0 = F = 0 points

At the end of each grading period, the school calculates each student's grade point average (GPA). The school converts each letter grade into the number of points, adds the total points from all grades earned, and divides the total points earned by the total number of grades. If the student has a grade point average of:

4.000 – 3.8 student has earned HIGHEST HONORS
3.799 – 3.5 student has earned HIGH HONORS
3.499 – 3.2 student has earned HONORS
1.999 – 1.7 student is on ACADEMIC WARNING
1.699 – 0 student is on ACADEMIC PROBATION

HIGHEST, HIGH AND HONORS: At the end of each grading period, students will be recognized with an award at the Honor Roll Assemblies. All honor roll students have their names published and hung in the main hallway. 

Students on academic warning or probation are placed in a special monitoring program which may include the support of our counselor or other specialists.  Students on probation lose their opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities and sports while they are on probation.

Progress Reports are mailed to parents and/or guardians in the fourth week of each quarter. Report Cards are mailed to parents and/or guardians approximately one week after the end of each grading period.

Students must have a GPA of 1.7 to be promoted to high school. Those students below 1.7 may be required to attend a Lake Park High School summer bridge program to earn promotion. To attend and participate in graduation ceremonies, students need a GPA of 1.7 or higher and be in good standing with regards to the Code of Conduct to earn the privilege to participate in the commencement ceremonies and end of the year celebration activities.

Decisions regarding retention and promotion are made on an individual basis. A student with a GPA of 1.69 or below may be offered a provisional promotion and monitored closely the following school year to ensure their school progress and academic success.

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