Acceleration Grade 8 Period 1

Summer Office Hours

All District 13 offices will reopen on Monday, June 1. Visitors are welcome by appointment only.  Office hours will be between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  All offices will be closed on Fridays.  Thank you.

Acceleration Grade 8 Period 1

Acceleration Grade 7 Period 9

Acceleration Grade  7
 Student will have some time for homework, but not enough time to complete all assignments. They will need to do  work on reading strategies, prep work for Science and Social Studies, Progress monitoring,  work on goals, and discuss goal progress. 
Students will go over assignments and expectations during this period. They will be expected to keep assignments documented in their plan book or electronically. At this time they will have the opportunity to ask questions about their assignments. If an assignment is extrememly challenging, we may work on it during this period.  Acceleration will also be an opportunity for students to prepare for tests and quizzes. They will be able to request help and develop a study guide.  
Daily Intro Activities for class:
Progress Monitoring
Learning testing strategies
Pre-Reading information for Sceince and Social Studies 

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