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ALONE by anonymous

A world without drama is a heavenly escape.

Living with these monsters; they tear out my heart.

Only me in this dark society.

No one understands.


Why her? by anonymous

Why Her?

It grabs her brain

and twists it in all directions

Why her?






Dementia has taken control.

Who are you?

Where am I?

Make the pain go away.


My grandma.

I can’t remember her before it struck.

Her smile was so angelic

Why do I never see it?

Her world is a blurry image.


Life just isn’t worth it for her anymore.

So I ask you…


Why                          her?


The Wolverine by I. Cisneros

“Honey! Breakfast is ready!” Mom said. “I’m coming!” Luke said. I am a fierce animal. My biggest threats are flat faces and my biggest enemy is Gundar the grizzly bear. I am a wolverine and I am the king of the wilderness, who lives in his mother’s basement. I climbed up the muddy rocks and found m6self in my mother’s kitchen. Her kitchen was made of sticks leaves mud and rocks. Mom had a dead newborn moose on the stone table. “Mom! Moose again!” Luke complained. “Gundar has been eating everything in the woods this is all I can find. Be appreciative.” Mom responded.

Once Luke finished eating he scrambled outside to look for some better prey. Then Luke sees a quick black movement deeper in the woods. Luke charges at the thing wondering if it is prey or has prey. Then he sees what the black thing is Tyrese the black bear. “Sup Tyrese.” Luke greets. “Ey, man. Hows it going.” He responded. “Not much. Just trying to find some prey.”

“I saw a deer family down the mud trail.”

“You can help me kill em.”

“Alright man, but… I also saw Gundar and Gundarina.”

“I’ll distract them and you can kill the deer.”

Luke and Tyrese follow the mud trail and see the deer being chased by Gundar. But where was Gundarina? Too late, Tyrese got bit in the neck by the she-bear. “RUN!!! MAN” Tyrese shrieked. Tyrese howled in pain and was dying as the she-bear tore his neck apart. Luke couldn’t move he just stood in shock. Luke finally got out of shock and attacked Gundarina. He scratched her snout and clawed at her eyes. She roared in pain, as her eyes squirted out blood. Gundarina fell down like a stone and stood still. Gundar stopped chasing the deers and looked at Luke. “You killed my wife and now i will kill you!” Gundar challenged. Gundar lunged at him and tackled Luke. Luke escaped Gundar’s body and choked him but Gundar broke free and swiped at his neck.  Luke hit a tree and blacked out. When he woke up he was still in the tree, his neck was bleeding. Suddenly he heard “Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and games!” The voice said. It was Franklin the friendly flat face and game warden, and he was in his firebeast. “Wolfy! Are you ok!” Frank asked. Luke limped toward the firebeast. Frank grabbed Luke and put him in his firebeast. Luke was taken to a big white building with a red cross. Luke passed out again.

He woke up and had metal claws in his legs and body. Then a flat face in a white pelt took the claws out and put a plastic snout on his snout. The plastic snout spewed out a white gas, when he took a deep breath he passed out again. When he woke up he was in the forest again. Luke walked around trying to figure out how close he was to home. “MOM!!!” He cried. Luke ran around and smelled urine. He looked at the tree next to him and it had claw marks and pee. “Gundar.” Luke murmured to himself. Then he heard footsteps, loud footsteps, fast and heavy footsteps, and it was coming from behind him. Luke quickly turned around and was swept off his feet. He flew ten meters and found himself looking at Gundar. “Cheap shot eh, don’t you think you should tell me you’re behind me?” Luke groaned. Gundar didn’t respond instead he ran towards Luke. But Luke was fast and dodged his charge. Gundar hit his head on the tree and quickly turned around and charged again. But this time Luke couldn’t dodge the move instead he got plummeted on a tree. Gundar crushed him with his body and started clawing Luke’s face. But Luke bit his paw and pushed him away. Luke jumped on Gundar’s back and started scratching and biting his back. Gundar howled in pain and tried to get Luke off his back but couldn’t. Gundar rubbed his back on a tree but Luke climbed to his head and bit his neck. Luke’s teeth penetrated through his fur and skin. Gundar shook Luke off and started trembling. “Noooo!” Gundar cried. Gundar limped towards Luke but collapsed on the ground after two steps. Luke looked at Gundar and collapsed as well.

When he woke up he was in his mother’s house. She fed him herbs to heal his cuts. “What happened?” Luke asked. “You killed Gundar, and we have new food for tonight.” Luke’s mom responded. Luke stood up and looked at the table and saw Gundar’s body on the kitchen table. “Well I’m starving!” Luke exclaimed.

The Blood Of Olympus by I. Cisneros

Once there was a Spartan, a brave Spartan. His name was Krause. But then the titans came to try to destroy olympus. Krause was the general of the Spartans and goes to attack the monsters that had invaded his village. He and his army destroys the invaders but then an elderly woman walks up to him and tells him to stop, if he didn’t his life would be miserable. Krause ignores her and hears his wife scream. “HELPP!!!” She screams. He runs toward her but the monster made a gas that makes it hard to see. He ignores the gas and starts slashing and hacking his sword and kills the monster but he kills his wife too. He screams and cries and then Ares the god of war walks up to him and tells him. “You have proven yourself Spartan you are a true warrior” He says. “You made this happen” he screams. “You should have listened to the fates, you had a lot of hubris boy.” Ares said. Ares then disappeared. “I swear on the river Styx I will get my revenge and kill the Gods of Olympus and drip their blood on Olympus.” he whispered to himself. He heads towards Olympus where the Titans and Gods were are fighting and gears up. On his way their Athena the goddess of wisdom and battle stops him. “If you wish to destroy the gods you must come prepared mortal, and you are not prepared. You must accept my gifts, for i am angry at the gods too. You need powers and weapons to destroy them. Drink this vial and take these weapons.” she offers. Krause drinks the green vial and suddenly feels his stomach twist. Then he feels more powerful and bigger. He takes the weapons and thanks Athena. Athena then disappears in a green mist. Krause gets super speed so he runs toward Olympus way faster. He gets there faster than the speed of light. The Titan Hyperion picks him up and squashes him in his palm but he cut his way out. Hyperion screams and throws him at his brother Iapetus and he throws him back this time he goes in Hyperion’s mouth. Hyperion swallows him but then his stomach gets split open and Krause jumps out and lands on Iapetus’ head and splits it open. Then he jumps toward another Titan and another until he gets to the top of Olympus. “I CAME HERE FOR MY REVENGE!!!” Krause snarled. “You think you can hurt us puny mortal” Zeus exclaimed. Zeus charges at Krause, but Krause grabs Zues’ arm, he flips Zeus and sends him crashing down through the floor of Olympus. Then there was a electric charge of lightning that sent Krause flying to the arms of Apollo the God of archery, and poetry. Apollo grabbed Krause and through him in the air and shot 10 arrows in his head and set it on fire. Krause ripped off the arrows and threw them at Apollo. Apollo disappeared in a yellow mist. But then Zeus grabbed him from behind and threw him all the way down to the underworld in the river Styx. As he fell for hours, he had flashbacks of the fate that told him to stop. “SPLASH” Finally he landed but instead of feeling like water, it felt like fire and hatred. As he swam to the shore Nymphs (river spirits) attacked him and he got weaker and weaker. When he arrived to the shore he shrivelled, all the pain he had seemed to come back to him. All his powers washed away and he lost his weapons. No weapons at all. He was in the Underworld, he barely survived five meters of the river Styx, how can he survive 5 steps of chasm. But then Athena appeared. “Weak attempt mortal, you need to believe in yourself. Here are your powers and weapons back.” Athena offered. Athena also gave him ambrosia and nectar. (the food and drink of the gods.) Krause accepts the gifts, and thanks Athena again. “You must kill Hades Krause, his death will give you a death mist where you can teleport to Olympus, although there will be puzzles to get to the heart of the underworld.”

“What if I do not kill Hades, Athena?”

“You must suffer in the fields of punishment for eternity”

Krause left Athena and made his way to Hades’ palace. Guarding the door was an extremely humongous three headed dog. It must have been Cerberus, he remembered studying it as a child. It was tied to a giant door with fiery chains. As he stepped foot on the platform the cerberus awoke and started barking and snarling. “Wow there puppy, somebody lost his rubber dragon.” Krause joked. Cerberus charged at Krause but was flung back because of his chain allowing him to move only a few steps forward. “Nice try,” Krause laughed. “my turn” he continued. Krause lunged at Cerberus grabbing his middle head. The other two heads were not that smart and bit the middle head, dissolving it to gold dust. Two heads left he pulled out a weapon, they were akimbo blades. They were attached to chains, he guessed you can throw them, so he did. The impact made a giant BOOM and half of Cerberus was gone. The other half fell and disintegrated. He opened the doors and stepped forward into nothing. He fell again deeper in the pit, this time in a lair. “Hello there, spartan” a raspy voice murmured. Krause turned around and saw an ugly scene. It was a giant scrawny man with a red beard and hair, one of his two eyes were bigger than the other, and he was as pale as a skull. “Who are you?” Krause asked. “Well I am Hephaestus god of fire and forge.” he answered.

“Why are you here?”

“Hera kicked me down the mountain, she said i am ugly”

“Oh, well i must go, maybe you can throw back up there?”

“Sure, mortal”

Hephaestus grabbed Krause but didn’t throw him out, instead he started squishing him in his hand.

“Hephaestus, do not do this or i will kill you!” Krause announced. “Good luck you are already dead.”

Krause split Hephaestus’ hand in half and stabbed him in the eyes. He grabbed his blades and cut his neck. Golden blood squirted out. Hephaestus exploded. The explosion sent him flying out of the hole and back into Hades’ palace, this time on the other side of the hole he fell in. “I expected for you to take longer, oh well. I did not have time to get ready. oh well. But did i say i get ready, my bad i meant to say you need to get ready.” A big dark shadow slashed Krause in the stomach making him go down.

“You think darkness can help you? Isn’t that how you killed your wife? I don’t want you to kill me. So LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!” Hades exclaimed. A big flash of light streaked across the room. “to bright.” Krause muttered. “Awwww are you scared of the light!?” Hades laughed. Krause closed his eyes and used his ears to hear Hades’ steps and punched Hades twice in the face. He slashed his sword when he heard him behind him. Hades howled in pain. Finally the lights went out, Krause opened his eyes and imagined Hades on his knees. He slashed sideways with his olympian sword and heard something land on the floor and roll. He had cut off Hades’ head. Suddenly all he saw was red and there was portal in front of him. He stepped inside and was was on Hades’ throne on olympus. Ares was waiting for him in the middle of the Throne Room. “Hello… Krause” He snarled.

“Today is your last day and you will not live to see tomorrow” Krause growled.

“If you want to kill me then go ahead and try.”

Krause lunged at him putting all his force when he ran. He tackled Ares, grounding him in the mountain. He punched Ares in the chest until his heart stopped beating. When it stopped he got up and crawled out the hole. He saw a giant shadow in front of him, he quickly turned and Ares grabbed him and through him on Zeus’ throne and was electrified by a giant bolt of lightning. Zues was sitting on his thrown. Zeus kicked him and Ares caught him. Krause got out and jumped at Zeus and cut off his head clean. His throne exploded. Apollo had tried to shoot him and missed. But there was another arrow and on the ceiling was Artemis the goddess of archery and hunting. She had accidentally shot Apollo’s arrow. Krause jumped and grabbed Artemis and through her at Apollo sending them off the mountain. Krause saw a yellow light move towards him and suddenly started circling him and punching him. It was Hermes the god of travel, and thieves. Krause put his hand out and was grabbing Hermes’ neck. He cracked it and through him off the mountain. Zeus’ head floated back to his head and Zeus blasted Krause with a giant bolt and he flew right off the mountain but he caught the edge, he was hanging from a 10,000,000 foot mountain. Krause then saw the sea moving violently and rising rapidly. Then a giant water creature raised from the sea. Inside the creature was a small body doing what the monster did. He was guessing  it was Poseidon. “You dare challenge us!!! The gods of Olympus!!!” Poseidon yelled. Poseidon grabbed him and tried to drown him. Krause shot up and clawed grappled on to his head. “Get off, puny mortal. I will kill you just like you killed your wife!!!” He laughed. Rage flowed through his body and he dived into his head and grabbed Poseidon and threw him out of the monster. Poseidon crashed against his throne and exploded into gold dust. Krause landed on the top of Olympus. Zeus blasted him again but he missed. Krause jumped on his back and cut his back until he touched bone. He grabbed his spine and ripped it off. Zeus exploded into gold dust. “You managed to kill most of Olympus. But you are not going to kill the rest.” Ares murmured. “Indeed babe.” Aphrodite the goddess of love said. “You are going to d-” Aphrodite got cut off before an arrow went through her head. “AHHHHH you killed her! I will kill you slowly now.” Ares cried. Ares ran at Krause throwing him at Hera the goddess of marriage. She exploded into gold dust. Then Aphrodite did too. Ares battle cried and took out his sword and stabbed Krause in his stomach. “noo… can’t… die… NOW!!!” Krause shrieked. He grabbed the sword and took it off his stomach and threw the sword at Ares. “NOOOO!!!” Ares screamed in agony. “If i die… you… die… too”

“nooo… defeated… by a mortal.”

Ares exploded into gold dust. Krause crawled his way to the Ambrosia and Nectar. Then he got kicked in the face by a woman. “You got revenge your time has come, mortal.” Athena said. “Athena why?”

“Your revenge ends here.”

Athena grabbed his sword and and cut him in half. His blood was spilled over Olympus and his legend was remembered. The god’s blood was spilled on Olympus. The blood of Olympus.

Tree by J. Govea

Once there was a  full grown sequoia tree people around the world came to see him.  he wanted to be like his uncle randy that they made a tunnel under him so cars can pass through. Over the years being a tree is kind of boring you just talk to the squirrels  and the birds and bugs, until one day an oak tree was planted she was the most beautiful thing ever her name was oakley. all the other trees kept trying to propose with their seeds throwing them at the wind so they can blow that but gusty, the wind, wasnt ever in the mood. Until one day when he was talking to the oakley   a  bird took my seed and dropped it off on oakley.


She blushed “ For me?”


It worked all does years of practice while we were dating the proposal worked. I raised my leaves high,


“Would you marry me?”


“yes!” she squealed

Then they had a wedding the next decade. A couple centuries passed it was the summer time lately a lot of the animals from the east was coming towards this neck of the woods, most of the young trees branches were so busy he had to throw some of the people things out. He would ask why  they moved to his tree, and they said the same things.


“ the Trees are all out of business.” or “ Ooh..the end is near!”


What ever that meant. Then the men came one day then all the little critters left and went to the next tree.


“What did I do?”  The tree said

The people put a line on his waist, then they had a weird sharp object it was screaming my name.

“Uncle Phil is that you?!”


“Sorry sonny I didn’t want to meet you again like this.”


Clunk, a sharp pain in my my gut…Clunk another pain going deeper…. Timber!!!!


I blacked out  the last thing I saw was the men putting me in a trunk.


While I was asleep I felt like all my body parts where getting cut and carved. I woke up In a room full of boxes.


“where am I” I said


“you’re in the storage house, they’re going to ship you today.”


“ Who was that?!” I screamed.


“ Its me the warehouse security camera and I see everything in and out, you are leaving tomorrow.”


“ Speaking of the devil here they come, goodbye boy.”


The door opened, a light that made me almost blind filled the room. Two men came in and grabbed onto me.


“ Put me down!” I raged.


“ Easy.” The second man said, “ We don’t want to drop this.”


They loaded me in a truck, full of other nervous items. The ride was bumpy and I was tossed around, many times.Finally after many stops they took me out to this big house. When they bought me inside they sprayed some liquid and then whipped me with a rag. Through all of this I was surprised they could carry me, and clean me since I was so tall and enormous. But i felt different now, I felt small and short. A women came into the room a couple of minutes later, she said thankyou and gave them some green rectangular leaves. The two men left, the women observed me like I was part of a museum. She put a vase on top of my head which I think was impossible.


“ How are you on my head?”


“ Didnt you know that you are a table.” She said.


“ What?!”


Then I looked across the room and saw myself in the mirror. I was a cherry wood glazed table.All these bad thoughts in my head that I’ll never see my family again especially my sproutlings.


Months passed and it was torture every time she water the plants the water dripped on me, when they ate on me they spilled, dogged peeing on me kids put in gum on me. I was sick And tired of this until one day it all changed.


The women called the men again to pick me up and she gave them the now that its called money and they took me away. But this time they put my by this truck with an opening on top. I heard a weird noise like when the woman made smoothies with the blender they faced me to the rear end of the truck. It was the hole on the truck that was making the noise they put me in there.




I was incinerated to a million pieces.


The Secret Life of a Murderer by Anonymous

        As the sirens grew louder I take smaller routes, cutting through alley ways and houses. My legs begin to burn out like a racecar with a popped tire. The more and more I run the more I notice my footsteps match my heart throb. My lungs are exhausted and I can’t stop now. I turn to my final alley way, where the sirens are faint. There is no way I can run any longer. I take a look around my surrounding and I jump in the nearest hiding spot. I go beside the dumpster crossing my hands that the sirens go away. I try to pay attention to the sound but my heart and my breathing overpowers it. I hear the sirens go louder and louder then softer and softer. I sigh in relief and try to look around. The alley way is lighted with one weak broken apartment light. I slouch down and begin to wash my bloody hands in the puddle. I gather as much water as I can in a scoop of my hand and then I splash the water in my face. I need to contact a friend, so I walk over to the apartment with the light. I knock on the door and I await someone to answer. It’s quiet, and I look through the nearest window and all I see is darkness. I knock again and the door creaks open to a full room of darkness. I hear noises that begin to startle me. I look back and try to leave but the door was already closed. I reach into my pocket and pull out my flip knife I received from my father before he passed away. I flip the knife open and I walk slowly through the halls.


        “Hello?” I say with a louder voice. “Is anyone home?” I keep walking through the apartment where I find a light switch. I flip the switch up and the lights flicker on. I see a toilet and a shower with rust colored stains on the white tiled walls. The buzzing of the flickering lights blocks the sound around me. The curtain blocks the other half of the shower. I begin to slowly creep toward the shower. I reach my hand to the thin sheet for a curtain, grasping my knife tightly. I tug the curtain to see what lies behind. My eyes widened and my mouth drops to the floor. I see the body with cuts from head to toe. His eyes are poked out of his head and his throat is slit. That’s not what surprised me, what surprised me is that the man that lays there dead is awful familiar. The dead man is me. Same eye color, face shape, same clothes that I wear. I look down at his hands. He holds the same knife my father gave me. He has the same signature of my last name carved on the wooden sides of the knife. I look around the bathroom puzzled and contemplating what my next move will be. I look down at the body once more. I study him more and more and I can’t believe what I’m seeing.


Suddenly the lights stop flickering, and the noises became more livid. I look around where I hear a whisper that was too quiet that I couldn’t understand what it said. I turn my head to from what I saw laying dead to what began to lift it’s head and gaze into my eyes. Without a moments notice, the lights shuts off and I find myself being grabbed by a much stronger man. I grab him by the arm and I throw him onto the ground. I begin to blindly stab him with the knife I have. I can’t see where I’m stabbing him but the fight was most definitely over. The man stopped struggling and he made no more noise. The lights flicker back on and I see a older man lay in the same spot that my body was lain. Catching my breath I look around the bathroom and I walk out of the bathroom and I shut the door. I don’t know what I did, but it’s over now.

The Hope is Gone by Anonymous

It’s Beautiful, amazing,

The weather is perfect not cold or blazing,

I walk in the moist dirt and feel the soft, gentle leaves,

This place gives hope to the world it makes me believe,

The exotic animals and the flawless flora both support each other

I watch as more trees spring up there’s one and another,

Then they came with their rusty, giant plowers

They crushed and destroyed everything from the tallest tree to the flowers

The crystal clear lakes turn black

As they take the trees and put them in sacks

It’s all gone,

The hope is gone.

I Don’t Understand by N. Gallichio

I Don’t Understand

Sometimes I don’t understand,

why I chose this sport.

Running at a stationary object

and somehow flipping my body over it.

Peeling skin off my hands

while swinging around a bar.

balancing on four inch wide piece of steel

while doing flips on it that others can’t do on the floor.

Flipping in the air and then trying to land

with 5 times more weight on my ankles.

One wrong move and I could be hurt.

One wrong move can halt everything.

Why did I choose this sport?

Because of the passion for it.

Because of the laughs that came from it.

Because of the endless dareful skills.

Because of the discipline that I’ve learned from it.

Some people might call it crazy,

but I call it determination.

Time by K. Antony


Time is running out

We all want more no doubt

Second after second the clock ticks away

It never stops going, without delay

Life knocked on your door calling

But you stayed there merely stalling

You wasted your life away

It left you day by day

And now you wish you were young again

To be the the child who thought youth was a bane

As you take your last breath

You reluctantly embrace the hands of death

Diary of an iPhone by Chloe H.

Diary of a iPhone

April 24- iPad got me a notes app. She said you write your feelings on this… app. anyways, My name is iPhone! I have two besties. iPad and iPod. We all live in this cute apartment in London. I go on the most adventures, like the mall, or Six flags. Ipod is the runner. She always takes a jog, or runs a mile. And she ALWAYS plays music! (She is the one that throws the parties.) iPad is the one that just stays in the house. She just plays games indoors. Thats why shes not in the best shape She is so wide!

Me and my girls!

April 29- I think i might be dying. I keep shutting down, and when I wake up, theres a tube by my bottom. I think the doctors are trying to save me but, I am not sure whats going to happen. Heres the picture of the tube.

April 30- I went to the mall today. I wore my pink, blue and purple tribal print case. I talked to Tom, through me. (I don’t know how I do that, I just can!) I was in my car that people call “purses” pretty much the whole time. I have cool abilities that I can transform in to. I was playing Flappy bird. My highscore is 75. iPads is 122. She plays it 24/7! When I got home, I went for a walk with ipod. She always has this rope sticking out. She says it’s a necklace that plays music, but its a really LONG necklace. She has many of them. Green, white, and yellow colors.

May 7- I went to school today. Mrs. Siri has the weirdest voice! She also can tell you whatever you ask. We ask her all these questions and she goes, “Searching the web for…” Shes a computer!

May 10_ I think I have to get this straight. I LOVE TAKING SELFIES. I dont know why. I really dont. Have two cameras that I use A LOT. But besides the fact that I LOVE selfies, I am really smart. Thats why everyone I know calls me the “smart phone.” I can tell you the time, the temperature, and even where you are… kind of like a GPS. Anyway, i’m pretty cool.

May 11- OMG!!!! A new girl came to the school! Her name is Iphone 5c! She is so artsy. (She loves colors!) And she is BEAUTIFUL! Her skin is pink! And she wears really cool cases!

May 17- So in school we learned that everybody shuts down. I was scared for nothing. Its part of life ipad said. Everyone goes through it. So my notes app is running out. Have to buy another at my app store. It’s right around the corner!