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Diary of an iPhone by Chloe H.

Diary of a iPhone

April 24- iPad got me a notes app. She said you write your feelings on this… app. anyways, My name is iPhone! I have two besties. iPad and iPod. We all live in this cute apartment in London. I go on the most adventures, like the mall, or Six flags. Ipod is the runner. She always takes a jog, or runs a mile. And she ALWAYS plays music! (She is the one that throws the parties.) iPad is the one that just stays in the house. She just plays games indoors. Thats why shes not in the best shape She is so wide!

Me and my girls!

April 29- I think i might be dying. I keep shutting down, and when I wake up, theres a tube by my bottom. I think the doctors are trying to save me but, I am not sure whats going to happen. Heres the picture of the tube.

April 30- I went to the mall today. I wore my pink, blue and purple tribal print case. I talked to Tom, through me. (I don’t know how I do that, I just can!) I was in my car that people call “purses” pretty much the whole time. I have cool abilities that I can transform in to. I was playing Flappy bird. My highscore is 75. iPads is 122. She plays it 24/7! When I got home, I went for a walk with ipod. She always has this rope sticking out. She says it’s a necklace that plays music, but its a really LONG necklace. She has many of them. Green, white, and yellow colors.

May 7- I went to school today. Mrs. Siri has the weirdest voice! She also can tell you whatever you ask. We ask her all these questions and she goes, “Searching the web for…” Shes a computer!

May 10_ I think I have to get this straight. I LOVE TAKING SELFIES. I dont know why. I really dont. Have two cameras that I use A LOT. But besides the fact that I LOVE selfies, I am really smart. Thats why everyone I know calls me the “smart phone.” I can tell you the time, the temperature, and even where you are… kind of like a GPS. Anyway, i’m pretty cool.

May 11- OMG!!!! A new girl came to the school! Her name is Iphone 5c! She is so artsy. (She loves colors!) And she is BEAUTIFUL! Her skin is pink! And she wears really cool cases!

May 17- So in school we learned that everybody shuts down. I was scared for nothing. Its part of life ipad said. Everyone goes through it. So my notes app is running out. Have to buy another at my app store. It’s right around the corner!

Wolverine vs. the Bear by Isaac C.

“Honey! Breakfast is ready!” Mom said. “I’m coming!” Luke said. I am a fierce animal. My biggest threats are flat faces and my biggest enemy is Gundar the grizzly bear. I am a wolverine and I am the king of the wilderness, who lives in his mother’s basement. I climbed up the muddy rocks and found m6self in my mother’s kitchen. Her kitchen was made of sticks leaves mud and rocks. Mom had a dead newborn moose on the stone table. “Mom! Moose again!” Luke complained. “Gundar has been eating everything in the woods this is all I can find. Be appreciative.” Mom responded.

Once Luke finished eating he scrambled outside to look for some better prey. Then Luke sees a quick black movement deeper in the woods. Luke charges at the thing wondering if it is prey or has prey. Then he sees what the black thing is Tyrese the black bear. “Sup Tyrese.” Luke greets. “Ey, man. Hows it going.” He responded. “Not much. Just trying to find some prey.”

“I saw a deer family down the mud trail.”

“You can help me kill em.”

“Alright man, but… I also saw Gundar and Gundarina.”

“I’ll distract them and you can kill the deer.”

Luke and Tyrese follow the mud trail and see the deer being chased by Gundar. But where was Gundarina? Too late, Tyrese got bit in the neck by the she-bear. “RUN!!! MAN” Tyrese shrieked. Tyrese howled in pain and was dying as the she-bear tore his neck apart. Luke couldn’t move he just stood in shock. Luke finally got out of shock and attacked Gundarina. He scratched her snout and clawed at her eyes. She roared in pain, as her eyes squirted out blood. Gundarina fell down like a stone and stood still. Gundar stopped chasing the deers and looked at Luke. “You killed my wife and now i will kill you!” Gundar challenged. Gundar lunged at him and tackled Luke. Luke escaped Gundar’s body and choked him but Gundar broke free and swiped at his neck.  Luke hit a tree and blacked out. When he woke up he was still in the tree, his neck was bleeding. Suddenly he heard “Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and games!” The voice said. It was Franklin the friendly flat face and game warden, and he was in his firebeast. “Wolfy! Are you ok!” Frank asked. Luke limped toward the firebeast. Frank grabbed Luke and put him in his firebeast. Luke was taken to a big white building with a red cross. Luke passed out again.

He woke up and had metal claws in his legs and body. Then a flat face in a white pelt took the claws out and put a plastic snout on his snout. The plastic snout spewed out a white gas, when he took a deep breath he passed out again. When he woke up he was in the forest again. Luke walked around trying to figure out how close he was to home. “MOM!!!” He cried. Luke ran around and smelled urine. He looked at the tree next to him and it had claw marks and pee. “Gundar.” Luke murmured to himself. Then he heard footsteps, loud footsteps, fast and heavy footsteps, and it was coming from behind him. Luke quickly turned around and was swept off his feet. He flew ten meters and found himself looking at Gundar. “Cheap shot eh, don’t you think you should tell me you’re behind me?” Luke groaned. Gundar didn’t respond instead he ran towards Luke. But Luke was fast and dodged his charge. Gundar hit his head on the tree and quickly turned around and charged again. But this time Luke couldn’t dodge the move instead he got plummeted on a tree. Gundar crushed him with his body and started clawing Luke’s face. But Luke bit his paw and pushed him away. Luke jumped on Gundar’s back and started scratching and biting his back. Gundar howled in pain and tried to get Luke off his back but couldn’t. Gundar rubbed his back on a tree but Luke climbed to his head and bit his neck. Luke’s teeth penetrated through his fur and skin. Gundar shook Luke off and started trembling. “Noooo!” Gundar cried. Gundar limped towards Luke but collapsed on the ground after two steps. Luke looked at Gundar and collapsed as well.

When he woke up he was in his mother’s house. She fed him herbs to heal his cuts. “What happened?” Luke asked. “You killed Gundar, and we have new food for tonight.” Luke’s mom responded. Luke stood up and looked at the table and saw Gundar’s body on the kitchen table. “Well I’m starving!” Luke exclaimed.

The Freezer War by Tyler D.


These are the popsicles                                                   These are the Ice cream they

they are really strong!                                                       are really not that strong

The war has started! It is between the Popsicle country and the Ice Cream country. The popsicles are really damaging the Ice Cream wall. They are damaging the wall by shooting the sticks of fallen popsicle heros out of a cannon. The Ice Cream are shooting cookie dough balls at the Popsicles wall. The Popsicles wall is 75% destroyed and the Ice Creams wall is 80% destroyed.


The war was created because the Popsicles killed one of the Ice Cream on accident. Then the Popsicles quickly built a wall so the Ice Cream couldn’t kill a Popsicle. After that the Ice Cream built a wall to so the Popsicles couldn’t kill a Ice Cream either. When the war is still going on it’s been 10 years. Then all of a sudden the king of Popsicle and Ice Cream come out of the war ground. The Popsicles king is wearing diamond clothes which is very heavy. The Ice Cream king is wearing  very awesome gold clothes which is very cool for a king! Then the kings will do something that will end the war.


The Popsicle king and the ice Cream king signs a treaty to never ever ever have a war anymore. Then the sides gets ride of their walls and come together. After that the sides come and they hug and say to the opposite side im sorry for killing your teammates. All of a sudden a person opens the freezer and takes a Popsicle. Then all of the Popsicles and Ice Cream come out of the freezer to try and kill the human. After that they realize that it is 100 degrees outside and they start to melt. All of a sudden a big giant rocket come and kills all of the Popsicles and Ice Cream.


poetry by Corinne H.


poetry by Corinne H.

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poetry by Corinne H.

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poetry by Corinne H.


Mythology story from Jesus G.

The Creation of the black hole:

One day in Italy, a princess was going to get married to a abusive pince that the king and queen were blind by his wealth to not see his monstrous behavior. The night before the princess Pleaded to the gods that she wouldn’t get married, than Zeus came down from the heavens.

“For what have you summoned  me?” said Zeus.

“I have summoned you because I choose not to marry the one I don’t love.”The princess exclaimed.

Zeus thought for a bit then explained that if he put a baby of his in her the prince may not want to have with a relationship with someone who has a baby that is not his.So then the virgin princess had Zeus son in her body the next day.

 Months passed, the king and queen vacate their daughter from the palace she went of with a farmer in a small town of vincent.They married and had a daughter named nova,after zeus baby was born they named him Hazrin.Years later when Hazrin was playing with his sister,Hades the lord of wanted to take nova as his daughter. He send a Russian Bearcoon to take her,but hazrin was alarmed and gave the bearcoon a round house kick to the temple[KKKKKRRRRRAAAK] and it died in one hit.Hades got so mad that he released all his three most fierce beast.Persephone was just living from her six month stay and told hazrin the news.Zeus heard the news and went to see his son.

 “My father what do you want from me?”Said Hazrin


“My son you are in grave danger,your uncle hades is enraged about you not letting him take your sister so he sent three of his most deadly beast to kill you.”


“What will I do,I don’t posses any abilities to fight them off but strength!”


“ Thats why I have brought you the Golden Gloves of Gods or the GGG to protect you, also the stachel of Hermes to carry does monsters inside.”

So Hazrin said his goodbyes and went of to Goliath desert, where the Grand Snake lays upon the rigid rocks. Hazrin had to be smart and try not to wake up the beast with titanium ridged scales and gold swords as teeth, there is no way when it’s awake it will be easy.While climbing on the rigid rocks they didn’t support his weight and the rocks shattered waking the beast.The beast arose its eyes glowing in the sun like a reflective mirror.It swung its tail at hazrin and smacked him towards a rock,hazrin cut his shoulder but countiued on. Hazrin had a plan and dove in the sand, it was silent hazrin wasn’t in sight the snake was dumbstruck. The silence was broken when as hazrin arose from the sand creating a wave of sand that blinded the beast. While the beast was distracted hazrin took a rock and throw it at the snake’s head. The snake was dead, hazrin then took the scales  to use as armor and the front fangs as swords and went of to the Arabian Jungle to find the Black Babon.


 After a long journey hazrin went to the local village to rest, while there he asked a merchant about the beast.He said that it only comes out at night and it hates light so the next day he went to find the beast.Finding the beast wasn’t easy when its all black and you’re trying to find it at night but the smell of blood and feces lead him to the lair. The beast was awake feasting on a what seemed like a dog but then the beast sensed him and charged. Hazrin took out his torch but that wasn’t the kind of bright light that the beast was feared and smacked it away burning its arm. Hazrin then sliced it off with his sword but the beast grabbed it and used it as its own weapon and stab hazrin in his arm. Hazrin was now on the floor helpless like a fish in a desert,but then the beast flinched and whimpered hazrin was confused. Hazrin Looked down at his armour and saw that it was reflecting the moonlight so then covered himself with his armour and the beast shriveled away like a raisin and died.

The last beast hades asked hazrin to come to the underworld.When Hazrin got there hades was waiting for him.


“What do you want from me hades?”

“I want you to fight this beast and if you fail you will stay here forever!”


The beast was a demon and its body was like magma hard but inside was a hot core of fire. with one thrust of the sword to that core automaticly killed the beast. Hades then released hazrin and took the beast away in his satchel for they were dead for a couple hours but  will regained life from hades.so to banish them from earth he went to space and saw a star exploed and named it afterhis sister nova and to put the beast away he punched a hole in space and named it the black hole

Zeus Becomes Mortal by Tyler D.

This story starts in the fiery underworld. Hades is making a potion that will make Zeus, the great god, mortal. The potion is made in a cauldron that has lava in it instead of water. Hades makes the potion out of a skeleton from a mortal. When he is finished, he puts the potion in a bottle. Then he starts another potion that will kill Zeus, the great god. Hades makes the next potion out of fire as well and then puts the fire in another bottle that he plans to use to set Zeus on fire.

When Hades is done with the potions he does something he would have never done before . He goes out of the underworld to go to Mount Olympus to kill Zeus! When he is out of his underworld he begins to melt because he has never seen the sun. “Ahhhh!  the sun is burning my eyes!” Hades screamed.

He continues to look for Zeus and when he gets to him he throws the mortal potion at Zeus and he wakes up. When the great god wakes up and sees Hades he asks, “why are you here?” Then Hades says “i have come to kill you.” Zeus does not know that he is mortal. Then Zeus shouts,”GODS come here!” Next all of the gods come to Zeus and see Hades right next to him. When all of the gods are coming to Zeus they see Hades with a potion of fire.

Then Zeus says you will not be able to kill me, i’m immortal. After that, when Hades tells Zeus that he is mortal Zeus says”wait! what?” Then the underworld god throws the fire potion to Zeus and he said”ahhhh! i’m burning!”

After that all of the gods see Zeus burning and then they start to cry. Then they say to Hades, “ why why why did you do this?” Next Hades says “i hated the great god because I never wanted to be the underworld god but he put me there.”

Out of My Mind by Lindsey M.


Melody is in the fifth grade and she has cerebral palsy. She is a very intelligent girl but she can’t show anyone that because she can’t talk, walk, or do anything besides wiggle her fingers. Her mom tells her that she is going to have a baby sister. Melody gets this machine that she calls the “medi-talker” it is a computer where she has all of her words and names she needs and she can type words too. So now she can communicate with everyone else. They are having this competition that they have every year at school called Whiz Kids and that is where they have to answer questions about everything. She makes the team and they win the competition against the schools around the area, so they got to go to Washington D.C. for the finals. That morning that they were supposed to go when they got to the airport they said their flight was cancelled, and the team had caught an earlier flight. So Melody was devastated that she could not go to the competition. The next day she was still upset but wanted to prove she was okay by going to school. Her mom was running late for work and Melody had seen the Penny (her baby sister) get out of the house so she started to yell and shout but she didn’t have her medi-talker so she couldn’t tell her mom. Next thing you know the mom backed up right into penny so she had to go to the hospital. If you want to learn more read to find out!