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Lament by Maggie Stiefvater

Deirdre. A normal teenager. NOT. She is a harp playing prodigy that has telekinesis powers…and attracts faeries. When a mysterious senior seems to be attracted to her, she finds herself and her best friend James dragged into a world of jealousy, evil paranoid faeries, and of course love. What book doesn’t have some romance in it?

I really loved this book! It was full of action and it was also hilarious! James and Luke (the mysterious guy) are always sarcastic and being the stupid boys they are. =) People who like fantasy would love this book.

~Student Reviewer

Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski

Senior Devi doesn’t know what do with her life. She and her boyfriend, Brian had planned to go to a small (not so great) college together, until he dumped her to go to Canada with his dad. Devi now has no friends, grades not fit for a better college, and now she doesn’t even have a working phone since she dropped it in the mall fountain. The only number she can call is herself—in her freshman year of high school. If you want to feel good, learn a good lesson, and enjoy yourself, read this book.  Now.

~Student Reviewer

Forgive My Fins by: Tera Lynn Childs

This book was really great at putting together fantasy and real life.  In this story Lily Sanderson is a high school senior about to graduate. She knows everything will be perfect after graduation; she’ll go home and take the guy she’s secretly in love with home to Thalassinia. Under the Sea.  You see, Lily is the mermaid princess of Thalassinia.  In my opinion this book was really good. It went in a really different direction then I thought, but after that the ending was fairly obvious.

~Student Reviewer