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“Did You Know?”


How often, when the topic of purchasing a home is discussed, do you hear, “So how are the schools in that community?”  School performance has a great influence on potential buyers of homes in communities and so how that data is presented should be of great importance to school districts. is a website that uses state assessment results to provide a picture for people who are thinking of purchasing property in a particular community.  However, using one data point to characterize the quality of an entire school district is unfair and does not represent the complete picture.


For example: Westfield Middle School gets a ranking of “7” out of 10 based upon the interpretation of test scores of those students eligible for free and reduced lunch services.  What fails to recognize is that if a student that qualifies in this category elects not to take the test, it still counts against the school’s overall performance.  When the measurement is based on a small sub population, it has a more profound effect on the overall rating. Other area middle schools are rated as follows:


          F.E. Peacock Middle School             8

          Roselle Middle School                      9

          Spring Wood Middle School            4

          Medinah Middle School                   6


I would not judge the quality of any of the schools in this area based upon an arbitrary rating system.  You need to find out more than just a thumbnail sketch.  In the end, you wouldn’t purchase a car based on the picture of the vehicle.  When buying a home, you want to check out the community and its schools more thoroughly; with attention to details that can be found through multiple resources and from the schools themselves.  Be informed before you choose!

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