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* Math Activities *

  1. RIT band level - games for MAP testing
    many activities for each RIT band
  2. Academic Skill Builders
    Online math games. Skills are separated by grade. You can compete against up to 3 classmates!
  3. Coach Connected log-in
    student ID#, password
  4. Explanations and Examples
    choose a topic to read a description to help you
  5. Exploring Fractions
    choose the measuring cup icon, other games available
  6. Hangman - math vocabulary
    use the hint button to help you find the math terms
  7. Holiday Math Fact Game
    Practice math facts.
  8. IXL.com
    Math practice.
  9. Learning Tools
    tools found in third row (purple)
  10. Mangahigh.com - math
    For use in RtI classes. See Mrs. Krzysiak for your login information.
  11. Math Baseball
    score at least 25 per game
  12. Math Calulator game
    the calculator is broken! - use the keys available to complete the problems
  13. Math Fact games
    scroll to the bottom of the screen for game choices
  14. Math Instructions and Practice
    includes step-by-step instructions for many choices
  15. Math Tutorials
    tutorials found in second row (red)
  16. Math-Play.com
    Math games
  17. MobyMax
  18. Practice Math Facts
    follow instructions given
  19. RIT band level math games
    various math games according to RIT band levels
  20. Speed Math
    challenge yourself!
  21. SumDog.com
    Students need to have a login for this website. See your teacher for your login information.
  22. Various Math Activities
    use options in the menu found on the right hand side
  23. Videos and Worksheets
    scroll down to find the instructional videos, choose a topic in the left menu (red),
    worksheets can be printed, games required an account-do not use
  24. Who Wants to be a Mathionaire
    general math
  25. XtraMath

Math Help

  1. Dr. Math
  2. Mixture Word Problems

Math resources

  1. CMP2 website
  2. SuccessNet log-in

RIT Bands and Standards

  1. Here is a site that incorporates the standards along with the RIT bands for math and reading.


  1. Cool Math 4 Kids
  2. Patterns of Reflection
  3. Shodor


  1. Blog