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Author Study

  1. Lois Lowry

Compass Learning / Odyssey

  1. Compass Learning / Odyssey log in page


  1. American Masters Database of Visual Artists
  2. Poetic Forms & Techniques
  3. Smithsonian American Art Museum
  4. The Art Institute of Chicago
  5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  6. Types of Poetry

Gaffey/Escareno Poetry Blog

  1. Poetry Blog
    Site for Mrs. Gaffey's/Mr. Escareno't ELA students to complete poetry assignments.

Kastory's Blog

  1. Kastory's Blog
    Mr. Kastory's blog page for students to comment.

Mrs. Mirante: ELA

  1. Coca-Cola Persuasive Commercials
  2. Ethos, Pathos, Logos
  3. Graphic Novel Analysis: Art Toolbox
  4. Lord of the Flies
  5. Propaganda Techniques

Reading Practice

  1. MAP Reading Goals

RIT Bands and Standards

  1. Here is a site that incorporates the standards along with the RIT bands for math and reading.

Westfield Literary Blog

  1. Literary Blog
    This is the place to showcase your talents in writing, drawing, or the arts. Feel free to submit your work at any time to be posted on the blog. Make sure to tell your friends and family about this blog as well!!

Wiki Resources

  1. A Classroom Wiki Example
  2. Wiki Examples
  3. Wiki Video

xx A Christmas Carol xx

  1. Background Information on Charles Dickens
  2. Charles Dickens and a Christmas Carol
  3. Charles Dickens and Christmas
  4. Charles Dickens: Inspiration through Poverty
  5. Charles Dickents: Influences and other links
  6. Dickens' London
  7. Flinstone Comic Version brief summary
    Read the editorial review.
  8. Information on a Christmas Carol
  9. Life Styles of the 19th Century
  10. More Information on Charles Dickens
  11. More on Charles Dickens
  12. Portrait of Charles Dickens
  13. See Who Influenced Charles Dickens
    Read the Excerpt
  14. The Muppet Christmas Carol
    Read full summary.