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DuJardin Elementary School
Grade 3


  1. Hillner Symbaloo Page


  1. angle measurement practice
  2. Area and perimeter of irregular shapes
  3. History of St. Patrick's Day
  4. Introduction to angle measurement
  5. newspaper snippet
  6. Topic 11 quiz
  7. Topic 13 Quiz
  8. Topic 7 PBA
  9. Topic 9 PBA Part 1
  10. Topic 9 PBA Part 2
  11. Wings Practice


  1. Biography Videos
  2. Daily 5 Symbaloo
  3. Ecosystem Symbaloo
  4. Homeroom Google Classroom
  5. MAP Math Practice
  6. MAP Reading Practice
  7. Math Google Classroom
  8. PARCC Games
  9. PARCC Practice
  10. Topic 7 PBA
  11. Topic 9 PBA Part 1
  12. Wings Response


  1. Symbaloo

Alfred Nobel

  1. Nobel

Beginning of the Year

  1. Interest Survey - Burritt
  2. Interest Survey - Lents


  1. Dictionary

Gabby Douglass

  1. Gabby Douglass

Gertrude Ederle

  1. Gertrude Ederle


  1. Encyclopedia.com
  2. Google
  3. Yahooligans

ISAT Related

  1. 2010 ISAT Practice Questions
  2. MAP powerpoint
  3. Practice Reading Test
    1. Type your name at the top of the page before starting the practice session.
    2. Print out your final results to see how well you did.

Language Arts

  1. Brain Pop
  2. Idiom Fun
  3. Interactive Spelling
  4. Spelling City
    Practice your weekly spelling lists and more
  5. The Three Little Pigs Punctuation
    Add punctuation to sentences, based around scenes from a traditional tale, or type your own sentences to fit the scene!


  1. enVision Math site
  2. Explore Congruent Shapes
  3. MAP Math Test Practice
  4. Math games
  5. Math Live
    Math Live - interactive tutorials
  6. Math Playground (geoboard)
  7. Math Vocabulary
    Improve your knowledge of math vocabulary words!
  8. Number Lines
  9. Online Fraction Games
  10. PARCC
    Practice test for PARCC
  11. Pattern Block Figures
  12. Pizza Delivery Fractions
  13. Place Value Game
    Create the greatest number you can make with the cards you're given.
  14. Scoot Pad
    Log in to practice Common Core math and reading standards assigned by your teacher.
  15. sorting polygons
  16. TenMarks
    Log in and practice Common Core Math Standards assigned by your teacher.
  17. Thinking Blocks
  18. Time


  1. Myths


  1. Author's Purpose 2
    1. Click below the right picture that says "STUDENT ACTIVITY"
    2. Click on this link to practice determining the Author's Purpose
    3. Complete the activity to also determine the difference between Fact and Opinion
  2. Beluga Whale Video
  3. Buckingham Palace changing of the guards video
  4. Buckingham Palace video
  5. California Gold Rush video
  6. Close Read analysis
    Response question for "A Whale of a Rescue"
  7. Context Clues Mystery
    Can you use your knowledge of context clues to help Jermaine solve the mystery?
  8. Early New England Settlement video
    Video shows daily life of a New England settlement in the 1600's.
  9. ELL Learn to Read activities
  10. Emperor Penguins in Antarctica video
  11. Emperor Penguins video
  12. Gardening Tips for Kids Website
  13. Gold Rush video
  14. Homonyms in Context
    Read the sentence, then use the context clues to decide the best meaning for the highlighted word. Click on the dancing duck that has the right definition, then throw a pie at him to score!
  15. MAP Reading Test Practice
  16. Neil Armstrong Farewell
  17. PARCC
    PARCC Practice Test for Reading/LA
  18. Reading Ring Challenge
  19. Reading Street Vocabulary Practice
    Find the story we're working on, and click on an activity.
  20. Scoot Pad
    Log in to practice Common Core reading and math standards assigned by your teacher.
  21. Selection Test
  22. Swimming the English Channel video
  23. Tumblebooks
  24. Volcanoes: How Stuff Works video
  25. Women Athletes
    A list of biographies of 100 famous women athletes throughout history

RESEARCH - Animals

  1. Emperor Penguin Pictures
  2. Endangered Species List
  3. Kids Planet - Endangered Animals
  4. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

RESEARCH - The Penny

  1. Americans for Common Cents
  2. CBS News - 60 Minutes (Feb. 2008)
    Check out this 2 minute video segment on how the United States penny is made.
  3. Econ Blog
  4. The Global Classroom
  5. The New York Times - Penny Wise

Science Videos

  1. Adaptations
  2. Adaptations interactive sites
  3. Brain Pop-Ecosystems
    Click on the "Play Movie" to watch a short clip on desert ecosystems. Students will learn about population and habitats and adaptation.
  4. Brain Pop-Food Chain
  5. Endangered Caterpillars
    -Activity on Ecosystems
  6. Harcourt School Publishers
    Science labs and activities
  7. How Rainbows Work
  8. Interactive Rock Cycle
  9. La Brea Tar Pits video
  10. Matter Games
  11. Mineral Challenge
    See if you can identify the minerals by observing their properties.
  12. Refraction Demonstration
  13. Rock Interactives
  14. Science Online - Matter
  15. What are Fossils?
  16. What are rocks and minerals?
  17. What is Light

Snow Treasure

  1. Allusion ~ Information
  2. Book Review Organizer
  3. Dictionary Definition for Fiord
  4. Fishing in Norway
  5. General Info about WWII
  6. Information on WWII
  7. KWL Creator Online
  8. Sample Book Reviews
  9. Scandinavia
  10. Scholastic Book Review
  11. Snow Treasure Blog
  12. Venn Diagram Online
  13. World Book Fiord (Fjord)
  14. World Book for Norway
  15. World Book Scandinavia
  16. World Book: Capital of Norway
  17. World Book: World War II
  18. World War II: An Overview

Social Studies

  1. At Home in the Heartland of Illinois
  2. Cahokia Mounds
  3. Geography Games
  4. How Illinois Got It's Shape
  5. Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Link
  6. Marketplaces Around the World
  7. Mesa Verde Video
  8. The Fire of 1871
    Video clip of the Great Chicago Fire
  9. The Jamestown Adventure
  10. Time for Kids
    Read about current events and play games.
  11. United States Physical Map
  12. US Region video
  13. Veteran's Day Thank You video
  14. White House Virtual Tour
  15. Why We Celebrate Veterans Day Video


  1. Class Dojo
  2. Classroom Blog - Lents
  3. Google Docs
  4. Primary Wall - Prefixes/Suffixes

Typing Practice

  1. Power Typing
  2. Typing Club
    Learn correct keyboarding skills!


  1. States of Matter Video
  2. VideoNot.es


  1. 6 Traits
  2. Personal Narrative
  3. Persuasion Map Writer
    Make sure you type your name in the first screen before anything else. Then type in full sentences for each of the boxes that make up this Persuasion Map.

xxMrs. Gruzynskixx

  1. 1. Atlapedia
  2. 2. Atlas Expeditions
  3. 3. Fact Monster Atlas
  4. 4. National Geographic Atlas
  5. Almanac: Fact Monster
  6. Almanac: National Geographic Kids Almanac
  7. Almanac: Old Farmer's Almanac
  8. Bedtime Bandits
  9. Blog
  10. Clockworks
  11. Measure It!
  12. Socrative
  13. Stop the Clock
  14. Subtraction: Manipulatives