164 Euclid Avenue
Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108
Phone: 630-893-9590
DuJardin Elementary School
166 S. Euclid Avenue
Bloomingdale, Il 60108
(630) 894-9200

Mark Dwyer, Principal
Angel Frattinger, Assistant Principal

Located at 166 S. Euclid Ave. in Bloomingdale, DuJardin Elementary School, is attended by 382 students in grades K-5. The district's oldest school, DuJardin opened its doors in 1964. The building is named in honor of Rosamond Neal DuJardin, an accomplished local children's author who published more than 100 works of writing. Mrs. DuJardin and her family were the previous owners of the land on which DuJardin School stands today. DuJardin's staff includes Mr. Mark Dwyer, principal, Stacy Johnston, assistant principal, and approximately 37 teachers and para-professionals.
Erickson Elementary School
277 Springfield Drive
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
(630) 529-2223
Patrick Haugens, Principal
Stacy Johnston, Assistant Principal
Located at 277 Springfield Drive in Bloomingdale, Erickson Elementary School is the district's newest building, constructed in 1993. Attended by 476 students in grades PK-5, Erickson School's name honors the district's former assistant superintendent, William L. Erickson, who passed away in 1990. Erickson's staff includes Patrick Haugens, principal, and Stacy Johnston, assistant principal, and approximately 52 teachers and para-professionals.
Westfield Middle School
149 S. Fairfield Way
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
(630) 529-6211

Stefan Larsson, Principal
Nicole Gabany, Assistant Principal

Located at 149 Fairfield Way in Bloomingdale, Westfield School opened in 1975, receiving its moniker from the names of two bordering subdivisions, Westlake and Fairfield. Attended by 485 students, Westfield School's staff includes Stefan Larsson, principal, and Nicole Gabany, assistant principal, and approximately 52 teachers and para-professionals.
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