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Online Student Registration - Returning Students ONLY

Bloomingdale School District 13 is excited to announce our use of an Online Student Registration / data validation system for the upcoming school year. This online process replaces all the paper student registration and permission forms that you have completed in previous years for your students that are returning to SD13 schools.The Online Registration process will be open for your use the first week of June, 2018.

Parent Information
Access to PowerSchool 
PowerSchool Parent Access provides online access to student grades and attendance. 

You will access your child(s) grades through this address:  http://powerschool.sd13.org/public

  1. Your user name and password is on the student schedule.
  2. Once you have accessed your child’s account, you will see a screen listing the current grade for each class. The grade itself is a live link. Click on the grade itself and it will open up the folder of that particular class. You will then see the assignments and the scores as the grade gets updated based on teacher input.
It is your prerogative to check on-line grades at your convenience. Increasing communication networks has been one of our overall District 13 goals! With this implementation, we are very excited to be offering on-line grades to our parent population.
Pay School Fees Online
Bloomingdale SD13 uses PushCoin, an online service, for parents to pay for school fees. PushCoin.com is a mobile-friendly website. You can use any Internet enabled device, including a smartphone or tablet, to pay for school fees. The site will adjust to your device’s screen and act like an App. You might consider bookmarking the site: https://www.pushcoin.com for quick access.
Click here for instructions to create and use your PushCoin account.  
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